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I read a recent article about breast cancer. There was an interesting correlation between breast cancer rates, Vitamin D and sunshine. Those who had the lowest rates of Vitamin D had the highest rates of cancer, but even if a woman did not get enough dietary Vitamin D, if she got lots of sunshine, her risk was also lower. The best and most protective benefits came when both kinds of Vitamin D were available. Today's wisdom says stay out of the sun, but if you want lower risks of breast cancer, increase your time in the sun. Use sunblock of course. And find good sources of Vitamin D. For the full article, go here: How do you know if your Vitamin D levels are healthy? A simple blood test. My Dr. tests all of his patients for Vitamin D deficiency because all of them test low. And we live in Arizona! So, don't assume sunshine alone will do the trick. I tested quite low and am currently taking Vitamin D3 daily.

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One more thing. Any cancer patient, can use EFT and other relaxation techniques or energy therapies to deal with the vast emotions that come along with it. I've worked with cancer patients who have survived and who have not. In each situation, EFT helped resolve fears and other issues. See my recent article for more on using EFT with cancer.  Please see the amazing nutritional product below that boosts your immune system which is important in serious diseases like cancer. Also, my special offer, and don't forget the Tapping World Summit, beginning on Monday. And it's F*ree.

Or two. Nutrition is so key in increasing cancer survival rates. There are several amazing cancer articles at the following website. You can also search for nutritional information at other wellness/nutrition minded sites and use what you find in conjunction with any treatment you are considering. You might try consulting a nutritionist. If your doctor tells you nutrition doesn't matter, find another doctor. You want to use the best methods available in all fields of healing.


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