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I've been studying positive psychology for years now and did not even know it had a name. The University of Pennsylvania has a great Master's of Applied Positive Psychology, and I've decided that is what I want to pursue. So, I'll be taking steps in that direction. The credited "founder" of positive psychology is Dr. Martin Seligman and he is also a professer at U of P.  Dr. Seligman realized in his profession that it was not enough to study the disorders of the mind to treat them; but that a study of the positive aspects of happiness and success were also in order. He's written many books and articles and since 2000 has put most of his focus on training others to "make the world a happier place, in a way that parallels clinical psychologists having made the world a less unhappy place." You might enjoy his website called Authentic Happiness. There is a wealth of information, past newsletters, and all kinds of questionnaires to help you determine where you are on the happiness scale, whether you need to consider help for depression, how you measure in gratitude, and lots of other great stuff. Take a look around. You can also sign up to be a participant in new studies.

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One more thing. I cannot imagine a less happy subject than genocide. But, in spite of the horrors of the Rwandan experience a few years ago, many of the orphans who are now reaching adulthood are finding happiness through EFT. For a touching story about that, scroll down and click on the left link. You can watch and marvel at the video footage, or take advantage of the World Tapping Summit, if you missed it. Every single penny of profits goes to support the Rwandan Project Light Organization.

Or two. And my interview I mentioned last week by my friend Karen over at Toothsoap, as well as her product, is also below.

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If you missed the Tapping World Summit, you really did miss out. But you can still access the recordings by going to the link below. And on a really positive note, you will see how EFT is making a HUGE difference in the lives of Rwanda orphaned genocide survivors. EFT is powerful. I can't repeat that enough. EFT is POWERFUL!!!


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