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**Welcome to the eighth edition of Daily Abundance EFT, Happy Healthy News and Tips.**

Do you have any idea how many times a day you complain? I don't either but you should start counting. I am finding I complain 1-3 times a day, which is not bad since the average person complains 10-15 times a day. Several years ago, I started making a concerted effort to watch my thoughts. And when I saw a blatant negative thought about myself or someone else, I removed it and replaced it. It went something like this. Walking along thinking about nothing much and I make some kind of silly mistake like tripping. "Why did you do that you idiot? You're such a klutz!' To which I would reply, "I am not an idiot. I may be a klutz, but I am a powerful force for good." For months and months I did that. And now, I rarely have a negative thought about myself.

But recently I keep seeing people taking on some kind of complaint challenge. I checked it out and you can too.  How do I write this without complaining? Have you ever noticed how many times people complain and how it makes you feel? Have you ever thought about how YOUR complaints may pollute the environment of others? I have been wearing the purple bracelet for a few days now. For the week before that I was wearing my own purple bracelet. The challenge is to go 21 whole entire days without complaining!!! Think it's easy? You're one of those POSITIVE thinkers? Ha! That's what *I* thought. I've started over at least 5 times. I've only made it two days in a row. You have to start over if you complain. I cannot believe that all that positive thinking has not prevented complaining. Granted, I am complaining so much less, but it has to be 21 consecutive days. Take the challenge with me and let me know how you do. I bought enough for my whole family and a few to spare.

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One more thing. Read my recent post. Is EFT a scam?

Or two. Oh my gosh! I have to share. I shared Philosopher's Notes in the last issue. They have a new product I am CRAZY about. It's called Blissitations. Check out the link below. Record YOUR OWN affirmations. And they put them on soothing sound tracks and subliminalize them. I go to sleep to it every night, knowing that all of my great affirmations are sinking into my wondrous subconscious while I sleep. :-) And I can't hear the neighbor's dogs anymore. THAT is NOT a complaint, that's my happy thought. :-)

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