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**Welcome to the fifth edition of Daily Abundance EFT, Happy Healthy News and Tips.**

I have been using an amazing product for several years. You know how your  mom used to wash your mouth out with soap? Well this mom found out after a lot of study, that doing just that; well actually washing your teeth with soap, is good for you. There are some very simple things you can do to actually RE-mineralize your teeth. That means your enamel can actually replace and repair itself. Gums can too. Toothsoap is one of those things and contains only all natural ingredients and does not contain flouride. You'll have to do a little study to find out why there is no flouride, but suffice it to say, that flouride is a known poison, carcinogen, and thyroid inhibitor. (Just read the warning label on your toothpaste) I can honestly say, that my teeth have never been so clean, as when I regularly use toothsoap. You may want to try the special, which includes the book and tooth brightener. Just click the specials link.  You may think the price is high, but each container of toothsoap is a 3 month supply for one person. So, it is very similar to the best pastes and the all natural tooth products for sure. Only Toothsoap has NOTHING that can harm your teeth or mouth in it. Karen cannot make any claims for her products, but you may just want to read the rave reviews. The flavors are awesome! I've tried most of them. And I love the swish too. I cannot recommend Toothsoap products highly enough. Now, I want to try the body products too.

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