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A Necessary Little 'Op'
At the time we were undertaking our investigation into how horses are slaughtered in a UK abattoir, we gave sanctuary to several horses and ponies, including pregnant mares and foals, to save them from the kind of horrific ending that we were witnessing at the Red Lion Abattoir.

Many of those horses that we have given a home to, are due to be gelded, including 10 of 12 recently rescued foals (pictured above).  It is because horse owners leave uncastrated horses to indiscriminately breed, that we saw some of the sad sights before us in the abattoir where young horses were facing a cruel and unnecessary end. These necessary 'ops' have come at a time when our dedicated staff are struggling through the wettest year on record, to keep our animals well and when our resources are becoming stretched.

If anyone would like to help towards these vital geldings, which allows horses to live happily together, without the worry of future 'clip clopping' of tiny hooves, please donate here.  These 'ops' cost around £150 for each horse and every £1 donated will help to pay this additional, but very necessary, veterinary bill. Thank you for caring...

Horse Slaughterhouse Investigation Update...
We are pleased to tell you that we met with an investigator from the Food Standards Agency, who spent two days at the Sanctuary discussing the evidence we obtained at the Red Lion Abattoir in Nantwich and we can confirm that their investigation is now underway.

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