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The Lucky Survivors...
Being cared for at last - the cows soon after their rescue.

You may remember that last March we travelled to Wales to assist Trading Standards with a major rescue by giving sanctuary to a large herd of ex dairy cows and calves.  The herd had been so badly neglected that around 60 of them became so emaciated that they had already died or been euthanised on welfare grounds.

On Christmas Eve 2013, the farmers were successfully prosecuted for neglecting their animals who have been placed in Hillside's care where they will be able to live out their natural lives in safety.  Please click here for the news report...

If you would like to help provide the ongoing feed and care for the ninety surviving cows who were rescued from such a desperate situation, please click here
As little as 25p a week
(£1 each month) will help these cows. This may sound like a small amount but if enough people are interested in helping in this way, the pennies would soon add up.  Thank you for caring...

Piggy Family Rescue...

The piglets snuggling up to daddy pig in our veterinary unit.
Just before Christmas we gave sanctuary to this family of pigs after they had been found abandoned in a garden.  Their owner had vacated the property and left the mother and father pigs with nine one-day old piglets to fend for themselves.  As they were in another part of the country and one piglet had already died, a kind lady took them in for few days until the babies were strong enough to travel to Hillside.  To ensure that the family can live safely together without future pitter pattering of tiny trotters, daddy pig has had the 'little op'

Hillside New Year Sale

CL14. Hillside 2014 Calendar
Our 2014 calendars and pocket and desk diaries, already excellent value, have now been dramatically reduced.  If you check out our Gift pages you may find other bargains and reductions, or even a new gift or two, that may interest you.  All proceeds from the sale go directly to the animals.  We feel, at this time of year, it's silly to have unsold stock sitting in the office when it could be turned into funds to provide food for our 2000 rescued animals...
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