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Brick - one of the first rescue dogs coming to us from Romania...
Dear Friend,
Over the years, I have learnt much about the terrible abuse and suffering of many different animals around the world.  Among this catalogue of abuse, I have heard first hand accounts of the desperate plight of the street dogs in Romania where cruelty is rife and, until now, I have felt powerless to help them. However, next month, quarantine laws controlling the import of dogs into the UK, are set to be safely relaxed and we certainly didn't have to think twice when we were recently asked if we could help by bringing some of these tortured dogs out of Romania to the safety of Hillside.  Thanks to our supporters, who have funded additional kennels, we are able to provide shelter for these dogs until we can find them a family home.  We are so happy to be able to take the first ten dogs from Romania in January and hope that, as we find homes for them, we will also be able to save others, on an ongoing basis, from a miserable existance and cruel end.
It will cost around £200 to bring each dog to England and transport them to the Sanctuary.  If you would like to help towards this Romanian Dog Rescue Appeal, please donate by telephoning 01603 736200, by cheque to the address below, or online here

There are thousands of dogs living on the streets of Romania and when rounded up, they are often brutally killed. Below are the stories of just three of the rescued dogs that will be arriving at Hillside next month. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Wendy Valentine

Brick, so called because there is a Romanian expression about being 'one brick away from death' and he certainly was when he was found. Rescued in Giurgiu, Romania, Brick was abandoned after living his whole life on a chain.  The collar was embedded in his neck.  He was so ill and blind in both eyes. After medical treatment and attention, sight in one of his eyes has been saved.
His rescuer tells his story...

I found Petronel caught in a wire trap which had been set by the villagers. ' Caught ' is probably an inappropriate word as the trap in addition to choking him to dead had cut deeply into his body. It was a race as to whether he would have choked to death or whether he would be cut in half. I took him home and nursed him but he was having obvious vision problems so yesterday I managed to get a lift and took him to the vet. The verdict was that he had been blinded, caused by a blow to the head. I sat on the clinic steps and wept. Many passed by simply taking a glancing look at me. Through the tears I was a was aware of someone touching my leg. Someone supportive ? Someone understanding ? Compassionate ? When I dried my tears I saw that my comforter was a blind,gentle, abused little creature who through all his misery and pain, reached out to comfort me. The sages of old taught us another way. A way of compassion and love . Have we lost this? Have we lost our way ? Petronel needs YOUR compassion and love to give him the home where he can show his love.


Sanni was found as a small pup on the streets of Giurgiu. She is still under a year old and is a happy normal pup. It's thought there must have been some trauma to her eye and she will not regain her sight.

Click here to see a short film, compiled by concerned people who wanted the world to know what is happening to the dogs of Romania.  Please note, some scenes are distressing. 

On a happier note, here are some rescued dogs playing happily together at Hillside, while waiting to be re-homed and we look forward to the Romanian dogs joining them...

You may also voice your concerns about the plight of Romanian dogs by signing this petition here...

PS - Please be assured that all dogs coming to us from Romania, will be neutered and vaccinated in line with our usual dog rescue policies.

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01603 736200


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