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Please, Please Help - Update...

Penny the pony arrived at Hillside yesterday from a stray horse pound.  Her condition shows the neglect she has previously endured.   

Jasper the stallion 
(below) was lucky to be still alive when the horse warden found him.  His back legs had been bound so tightly together that he couldn't move.  A rope around his neck was tied as if the intention had been to strangle him and cuts to his body were consistent with knife wounds.  He was taken to the horse pound, where he was treated before being bought to Hillside yesterday.  When he has fully recovered from his ordeal, he will be gelded and will live out his life with our other rescued horses at the Sanctuary.

In addition to caring for so many animals at Hillside - around 1200 horses, ponies and donkeys, over 300 cows, 500 sheep and goats, 160 pigs and lots of other different animals, we are also doing our best to help other animals who are brought to our attention in urgent need of sanctuary and have nowhere else to turn.

The pigs, piglets and goat families who were the subject of a recent Trading Standards neglect case have now been safely transported to Hillside (see pictures below). Other current urgent cases of animals in need, include sheep, cows, horses, ponies and other goats. We continue to take on additional facilities to accommodate such urgent cases, but to enable us to fulfil the animals’ veterinary and general feed and care needs once they arrive with us, we also urgently need additional funding. It is only to our supporters we can turn for this help.

We desperately need additional funds to help us continue helping animals in need. Please consider donating on this link where you may also set up a small monthly donation...

Deer Rescue Update...

We went to the aid of this Muntjac, who had been found with her leg trapped in a road drain.  An x-ray revealed a broken bone in her hind leg and, to save her, our vet has recommended surgery.   The operation has been successful and Petal, as we have named her, is making good progress.  While in our care the little deer has become exceptionally tame, which makes it so much easier for us to handle her during her recovery. 

Recovering well - providing support to encourage her to walk after surgery...

Pig and Goat Rescue Update...
Trading Standard's case - we took in three goats and 28 sows and piglets, some of whom were only five days old (above).  The conditions we collected them from were atrocious, prompting Animal Health to warn the owners that, had they not relinquished them to Hillside, they would have been prosecuted.  Some had untreated mange and a heavy worm burden.  It was rewarding to see one mother suckling her young piglets in the first bed of straw she had seen for some time.
(Below) - a family of pigs about to embark into their new home at the Sanctuary


Deer Recovering Well...

In another deer rescued we were recently called out to the young female deer above, who had been injured and in panic, had run into Norwich’s largest shopping centre, The Castle Mall. We collected her from the toilets (below)), where the staff had ushered her for safety. She is now safely at Hillside and receiving the necessary veterinary treatment.

We desperately need additional funds to help us continue helping animals in need. Please consider donating on this link where you may also set up a small monthly donation...

This year we have reached the twentieth anniversary of Hillside Animal Sanctuary helping and campaigning for animals in need.  This has been made possible by our caring supporters, who have helped us to save so many animals.  To celebrate this, we have put together a short film showing some of the highs, and lows, of the last twenty years. In case you haven't already seen it, you may watch it HERE.
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