Abandoned Horses Arriving at Hillside Tonight...

We're pleased to let you know that 39 of the 49 abandoned horses and ponies that were siezed by Trading Standards on Manmoel Common, to save them from a further winter of starvation, are on their way to Hillside.  We will bring you pictures very soon...

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Brave Man Jumps in River to Save Cygnet...

When one of our supporters spotted a cygnet, upside-down and in trouble in the water, he watched first as the adult swans tried to rescue their baby but, when he realised their efforts were in vain, he jumped into deep murky water in the middle of Norwich to save him.  We were called and rushed out to collect the baby swan.  On further inspection, we found he had a serious 3" gash above his leg.  Our vet has successfully stitched the wound and tonight we will make him cosy and warm under a heat lamp.  We are, of course, hoping he will make a full recovery when he will be returned, if possible, to his mum and dad in the river.


Hen Rescue

Here's just some of nearly 400 'end of lay' hens that we saved from slaughter on Monday.  Most have come to us featherless and in a poor state of health. They were covered in lice, which the staff have been busy treating.  We were only made aware of the hens' plight on Monday when we rushed to Nuneaton to save as many as we could safely load onto our livestock trailer to bring back safely to Hillside...

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Our Previous Email...

Just one of the many horses that have perished on Manmoel Common in recent winters. Please click the picture above to see a video taken in 2013 by somebody trying to draw attention to the bleak conditions for the ponies on the desolate moors.

Hillside steps in as major rescue is mounted to help abandoned horses and ponies...

From early 2013, we have been inundated with requests asking us to help a large number of ponies abandoned on Manmoel Common, Ebbw Vale.  Around 40 ponies have already died from hunger in freezing conditions on the bleak moors during recent winters and, as soon as we heard about this terrible situation last year, we immediately contacted the appropriate authorities, asking if there was anything we could do to help the ponies' plight.

In the last few days we have received a new wave of calls pleading with us to help, as news circulated that council officials had seized 49 illegally abandoned horses on the common and were desperately trying to rehome them in order to avoid a further tragedy of ponies dying of starvation next winter.

Knowing that a request to take in the 49 abandoned ponies, including pregnant mares and some with new foals, had been sent to national equine sanctuaries, we contacted the authorities again, offering to take in any remaining ponies that the major sanctuaries could not accommodate.  As we were informed that the other sanctuaries were choosing from photographs which ponies they wished to take, we were expecting to be asked to take just a few of, what we affectionately refer to as the 'scuffy wuffies' that nobody else would want.  Sadly, it transpires that the number of horses and ponies who can't be placed with other organisations has now been confirmed as 38 and we expect these to arrive at Hillside in the near future.

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Trading Standard's Press Release is below...

Equine groups to provide new homes for Manmoel horses
Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly County Borough Councils have worked in partnership with equine charities and organisations from around the UK to find new homes for almost 50 horses and ponies on Manmoel Common.

The two councils took ownership of the horses on Tuesday 8th July, after their owners failed to come forward and claim them. Since taking possession of the animals, officers from both councils have worked together to find suitable permanent homes for the ponies and horses.

The council has been liaising with Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, Carmarthen-based Lluest Horse and Pony Trust and the Mare & Foal Sanctuary in Devon, and these groups have agreed to receive all the animals in the near future.

A spokesman for Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly County Borough Councils, said: “We are delighted these organisations have come forward to take possession of these horses. We would like to thank all parties for their efforts in providing a positive result to this situation.”

This outcome will signify the end of a year-long project between Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, Caerphilly County Borough Council and local charities and groups to address welfare issues associated with the animals on the common.

Many of the horses on the common had no known owners, and historically there were issues with the horses and ponies’ basic needs not being met including insufficient feed, problems with worms and lice, lack of farriery and no breeding controls.

Only animals that are illegally grazing will be removed from the common.
The rehoming of these horses will result in Manmoel Common becoming more sustainable, and the area will be able to support the remaining horses that have a legal right to graze there.

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