Don't focus on your unsubscribes.
Winter is hereThe cold weather has finally settled in, the fire is roaring, and things are getting busy.
I'm currently renovating a large open room to be a live-in studio for myself, Dangaz and our cat Moccie. We're doing everything from laying the floor, putting in a bathroom and kitchen, and then figuring out how all the furniture will fit.
I'm also working on a children's book for a local author who has painted some amazing bright artworks to be featured alongside the story. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for a few upcoming previews!



A question I hear a lot when talking about newsletters and social media is 'sometimes people unsubscribe after I send a newsletter or unlike my facebook (or other social media) page after I make a post. What am I doing wrong?'

The short answer is probably nothing.
There are three main reasons people will unsubscribe/unfollow/unlike etc

1. They are overwhelmed of emails/followings.
The things you subscribe to build up over time and after a while there is just too much. I often look through what I've subscribed to and unsubscribe from my less read newsletters/social media feeds.
2. They're no longer in that stage of their life.
If you're an industry related business you may get unsubscribes if someone changes jobs, a kids clothing business may have unsubscribes when their customers' children grow up, and a location based business may have unsubscribes when readers move house.

3. They aren't really interested in what you have to offer.
There might be people who subscribed because they're interested in the opt-in offer you have, or they met you at an event. What you email them later may not be of interest and they will unsubscribe.

When it comes down to it unsubscribes aren't a bad thing. People who stay on your list want to hear from you, they want to know your news, hear your tips, get your discounts. The people that unsubscribe aren't your target market and you don't need to spend time on working out what went wrong. Spend your time and focus on the people who want your business.
Creative Live
Creative Live online workshops* is a website that broadcasts workshops online.

Each workshop is live (or rebroadcasted) and you can watch it for free while it's running (they also replay it a few times in the same day for free, so people in Australia and other countries don't have to get up at 2am to watch).
There's also an option to buy the workshops you are interested which gives you lifetime access to watch.

I've watched Instagram marketing for small businesses, and Start a handmade business, and found them both very informative.

There are also a few interesting workshops coming up including:
Sell your products to retailers
Selling your first 1000 books
Build a successful creative blog

*affiliate link, but only because they're awesome.

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