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Take the time to look after and grow your newsletter listThis month I started a marketing course which focuses on selling products online, but I can already see the benefits it will have for service based businesses as well.
Your newsletter is one of the most important parts of your business as it's direct contact with people who want to hear from you. Your social media posts can be missed if people aren't on when you post them, or lost in the mass of other posts. People will only visit your website if they want to find something specific or if you remind them. When they sign up to your newsletter they're inviting you to remind them you exist.

Keep in touch with me on Facebook as I will be writing a lot of tips and blog posts over the next few months covering selling online, photography and newsletters.


In one of the Facebook groups I'm in we were asked to look through a monthly newsletter and to give our thoughts on its length. Normally the newsletter was long, it included 15 short articles, and a lot of the subscribers had commented on the length. We suggested trying to break it up into 2 newsletters to send out fortnightly, instead of one massive email each month.

We also noticed the layout used picked for the newsletter was three columns wide. Newsletters are generally thinner than websites to allow them to show nicely in email programs, so each column was quite thin. While most of the articles were short, the thin columns made each appear long and you needed to scroll down to read an entire article, then back up to start the next. If a one or two column layout was chosen the articles would appear short (as they were) and no scrolling would be needed to see an entire article.

Even though there was the same amount of text, needing to scroll made us feel like it was going to take a long time to read, time which the reader may not have, and there is a chance they will skip over information.

If you're worried about your newsletter length send a test to yourself and check how much you have to scroll up and down to read each article separately.
Death to the Stock Photo website
I know some of you are always on the look out for free and cheap stock images, so this is worth checking out.

Death to the Stock Photo is a fairly new website which emails you 10 high resolution lifestyle photos at the start of every month that you can use on your website, social media and print. There is also a paid version where you get an extra 10 photos each month.

I also wrote a blog post with a bit more detail of their service. It also includes a cautionary tale from a blogger who had legal issues for using a photo she found on Google in one of her blog posts.

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