SnapGene 4.0!
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It's the feature you've been asking for, the one that will make collaboration with your lab members a snap. Version 4.0 takes SnapGene to a new level of utility by supporting “Collections,” which are browsable and searchable databases of DNA and protein files. When it came to designing Collections, we prioritized transparency and simplicity as always.

Make and Browse Sequence Collections

Store DNA and protein files in specialized folders that allow the contents to be browsed with a flexible interface. Sort the files by name, code number, or date added. Define a “Main Collection” that can be shared by a group, and create personal Collections for individual projects.
Collections Interface

Search a Collection

Choose from a wide set of options to find files with specific contents or properties.
Search a Collection

Do a Batch Replacement

Use a Collection to perform batch replacement of a specific DNA or protein sequence, feature name, primer name, or sequence author.
Batch Replacement

Annotate Introns Faster

With a translated feature, convert lowercase regions to introns, or convert existing introns to lowercase.

Define a Sequence Alias

Display an alternative name for a plasmid or other sequence.


Lots of exciting developments and partnerships are in the pipeline. Please stay tuned!

As always, if you have feedback or your own wish list, we want to hear from you.
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