SnapGene 1.5 is here!
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SnapGene 1.5 is here!
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Gibson Assembly

In response to numerous requests, SnapGene 1.5 includes support for Gibson Assembly. Select up to eight fragments to be inserted into a plasmid, and suitable primers will be chosen automatically.

Broken Circle Display

Many modern cloning methods begin with linearized plasmids, which are viewed most naturally as broken circles. Now you can display any linear sequence as a broken circle.

Broken Circle Display
Ribosomal Frameshifting

Ribosomal Frameshifting

Some genes, including gag-pol of HIV-1, use ribosomal frameshifting to switch reading frames during translation. SnapGene simulates this effect by allowing feature segments to share endpoints.

Improved Sequence Trace Viewer

We continue to improve the trace viewer. The latest version has separate horizontal and vertical sliders with increased ranges, a better autoscaling algorithm, and optional display of raw trace data.

Addgene depositors can use SnapGene!

Addgene, the non-profit repository for plasmids, accepts files in SnapGene format. So the next time you deposit a plasmid at Addgene, please be sure to include your SnapGene file.

What would you like SnapGene to do?

We are constantly working on new features to make your life easier. If you have a suggestion, please respond to this email or contact us.
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