SnapGene 1.3 is here!
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SnapGene 1.3 is here!
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New features include:
 Overview of new file formats for import and export

Better Import and Export

SnapGene now opens multi-sequence FASTA files and Clone Manager files. In addition, primers can be imported from a Vector NTI .oa4 oligo archive, and DNA sequences can be exported in either rich or simple GenBank format.

Simplified Primer Display

SnapGene calculates the most stable duplex for an annealed primer, but sometimes this information is distracting. Primer display has been enhanced to show simpler duplexes by default. This setting can be changed in Preferences.
Example of a simplified primer display
Three overlapping fragments for overlap extension PCR

DNA Fragment Gymnastics

When you mix DNA fragments for overlap extension PCR or In-Fusion® cloning, the fragments orient themselves correctly in the reaction tube. Now they do the same thing in SnapGene, which automatically orients DNA fragments to generate a product.

Clontech Uses SnapGene

No one knows cloning better than Clontech, and they appreciate good software. Clontech has now adopted SnapGene for use by their in-house development team.

Mammalian Expression Vectors

Check out our new pre-annotated set of 120 commonly used mammalian expression vectors.

Mammalian expression vector with the CMV promoter. The MCS is in the forward (+) orientation.
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