SnapGene 2.6 has arrived.
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SnapGene 2.6 adds new support for TA and GC cloning, and makes existing tools more flexible.

TA and GC Cloning

An efficient interface allows you to simulate PCR amplification followed by cloning into TA, UA, and GC cloning vectors.
U Overhangs

You Can Use U's

SnapGene now allows U to be inserted in place of T near the ends of linear sequences. For example, a U in a PCR primer will generate a U in the amplified product.

New Linearize &
Circularize Options

With a linear sequence, you can select an internal restriction fragment to be circularized. With a circular sequence, you can place the cursor at any location and then linearize.

Edit Multiple Features Simultaneously

When multiple features are selected, parameters such as feature type and directionality can be specified for all of the features at once.
Edit Multiple Features

More Informative Alignment Arrows

In Map view, the arrows showing aligned sequences now indicate the nonaligned ends as well as all mismatches and indels.
Alignment Arrows
EMBL Format

Support for EMBL Format

SnapGene can now read and write DNA sequence files in EMBL format.

Flexible Resolution for Exported Maps

DNA maps can be exported at any desired resolution.

Updated FastDigest® Enzyme Names

The restriction enzyme database has been updated to display the new names for FastDigest® enzymes from Thermo Scientific.

What would you like SnapGene to do?

We are constantly working on new features to make your life easier. If you have a suggestion, please respond to this email or contact us.
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