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You asked for it, and we delivered: new display options for Map and Sequence views, increased flexibility for DNA assembly, and additional file format importers.

Features on the DNA Map Line

Would you prefer to see features placed directly on the DNA map line? Now you can, with the click of a button.
Features on DNA Line

Compact Mode for Sequence View

View a DNA top strand sequence or a protein sequence in compact format, with the features shown as colored background.
Compact Sequence View

NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly

Simulate New England Biolabs' HiFi DNA Assembly. Remove an entire restriction site during assembly with automated primer design.
NEBuilder HiFI DNA Assembly

Enhanced DNA Assembly Options

Regenerate individual restriction sites during Gibson Assembly® or In-Fusion® cloning, and generate a circular product during Gibson Assembly® of linear fragments.
Circular Gibson Assembly
New Importers for Old File Formats

SnapGene now recognizes DS Gene and GeneTool file formats, capturing sequence and annotation data.

transOMIC Adopts SnapGene Format

transOMIC now provides sequences and maps to their customers as .dna files, and SnapGene provides many of those maps and files on Read the press release to learn more.

And transOMIC is offering a 10% discount just for SnapGene fans. Please use promo code SNAP10 on for 10% off any CRISPR or shRNA target gene set from Transomic Technologies.

SnapGene's .dna format is rapidly becoming the industry standard for displaying plasmid information because the maps are so easy to read. Please get in touch if you want help to display your plasmids in .dna format.
Circular Gibson Assembly
Special thanks to Devin Strickland, Benjamin Spreng, Qiyu Zhang, Monika Dieterle, John Murray, Marie-Ève Bouthot, Wolfgang Strobel, Guy Mikawa, Ron Godiska, Maria Landrock, Philipp Glock, Wulf Dirk Leuschner, Mathias Mahn, Scott James, and Seth Goldman for your suggestions. We're glad we were able to implement them in this release!

Plenty of new developments are on the way. Please stay tuned!
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