SnapGene 3.0 is here!
Click here for details.
SnapGene 3.0 supports standalone protein sequence files.

And we're now able to serve more scientists than ever. Use SnapGene as a native application on Linux, or clone in Japanese with our newly translated interface.
Protein Map

Protein Maps

Annotate protein sequences to display continuous regions, discontinuous sites, and bonds.

Protein Sequence

Protein Sequences

Display protein sequences using 1- or 3-letter amino acid codes, with annotated features and translation numbers.
Protein Properties

Protein Properties

View key properties of all or part of a polypeptide.

Matches in Scrollbar

Highlighting of Matches

After a search, easily see matches, now highlighted in both the view and the relevant scroll bar.
SnapGene in Japanese

SnapGene in Japanese

Clone in Japanese! To toggle the language, use the flag button in the launch dialog.


Alignments in SnapGene Viewer

Aligning to a reference sequence is one of the most popular features of SnapGene. Now SnapGene Viewer allows you to see alignments created in SnapGene.
Alignments in SnapGene Viewer

SnapGene on Linux

You asked to use SnapGene as a native application on Linux. We made it happen!
CRISPR Plasmid

CRISPR Plasmids Set

The latest addition to our online plasmid library is a CRISPR Plasmids set of more than 250 popular genome editing and gene regulation plasmids from Addgene, transOMIC, and others.

Lots of exciting developments and partnerships are in the pipeline for 2016. Please stay tuned!

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