SnapGene 2.0 is here!
SnapGene News
SnapGene 2.0 has been released.
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New in 2.0

We've been hard at work to add support for multiple alignments and more. See below for a quick list of new features and functionality in SnapGene 2.0.

Multiple Alignment to a Reference Sequence

  • Import trace files and other DNA sequences.
  • Align the imported sequences to the reference sequence.
  • Visualize large indels.
  • Align a cDNA to a chromosome.
Mulitple Alignment
Enzymes View

New Controls in Enzymes View

Buttons make it easy to add or remove an enzyme from the current enzyme set.

Updated Restriction Enzyme Data

  • The new buffers from New England Biolabs are now displayed.
  • The website links from Thermo Scientific (Fermentas) have been updated.
Updated Restrication Enzyme Data

Enhanced Menus

A new “Tools” menu houses the alignment commands, and provides a more logical organization.

SnapGene Quick Tip

When searching for a protein sequence, use parentheses to match multiple amino acids. For example, "R(PA)PW" matches both "RPPW" and "RAPW".

What would you like SnapGene to do?

We are constantly working on new features to make your life easier. If you have a suggestion, please respond to this email or contact us.
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