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SnapGene 2.2 has been released.
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We've been listening to your feedback! SnapGene 2.2 includes many improvements our customers requested concerning enzyme sorting, multiple alignments, Gibson Assembly® and more. See below for a quick overview.

Extra Sorting Options for Enzymes

In Enzymes view, the enzyme list can be sorted either by location of the first site, or by distance from the selection to the nearest site.
Enhanced Agarose Gel Simulations

More Improvements to Multiple Alignment

An updated alignment algorithm gives better results for repeated sequences. The trace display is continuous for single-base gaps. Also, alignments can now be printed in several formats.
Suppressor Genetic Codes

Suppressor Genetic Codes

To support synthetic biology and other applications, you can set a particular stop codon to encode a “wild-card” amino acid.

Partnership News

Molecular biology service companies are finding that SnapGene offers the best way to communicate with their customers.
  • Transcriptic is an on-demand life science research platform that now provides their customers with short-term access to SnapGene to simulate In-Fusion Cloning® and Gibson Assembly® during the ordering process.
  • ProGen specializes in custom molecular biology services, and provides sequences and restriction maps to their customers using SnapGene's .dna file format.
New Controls for Gibson Assembly®

New Controls for Gibson Assembly®

During automated primer design for Gibson Assembly, you can choose either a fixed number of overlapping bases or a target Tm for the overlap.
Multiple Alignment

Enhanced Agarose Gel Simulations

Gel lanes now show either restriction digests or PCR amplifications. Up to 20 lanes can be displayed. Use the “Apply to All Lanes” button to choose enzymes once for the whole gel.

Congratulations to iGEM Teams

We are proud to report that all three of the iGEM teams we sponsored went on to the International Competition.

Congratulations to Clemson, uOttawa, and Cornell.  All three teams won gold or silver medals, and Cornell won Best Human Practices at the International Competition.

We are inspired by the work of these young people. We will continue to support their teams, as well as any other iGEM 2014 teams that contact us, with free access to SnapGene. Learn more about the 2013 teams.

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