SnapGene 2.7 has arrived.
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Version 2.7 adds new capabilities, and enhances the software to take advantage of the latest operating systems and high-resolution displays.
DNA Base Colors

DNA Base Colors

Choose colors for DNA bases, with the option of coloring the two strands differently.
Primer Colors

Primer Colors

Primers can now be color coded, with the color indicators visible across different views.

Frame Check for Fusions

If a cloning procedure will generate an out-of-frame fusion between translated features, SnapGene provides a warning.
Frame Check

Compatibility and Resolution Updates

SnapGene has been updated to ensure full compatibility with OS X 10 Yosemite and Windows 10, and to display crisp images on high-resolution monitors. Due to these enhancements, version 2.7 requires OS X 10.7 or later.
EMBL Format

Linear Gibson Assembly®

Use Gibson Assembly® to generate not only circular vectors, but also linear products.

Paste Formatted Sequences

When creating a new DNA file, paste a FASTA- or GenBank- or EMBL-formatted sequence, and SnapGene will import the sequence and annotations.
EMBL Format

More Options for Agarose Gels

The gel simulation now supports agarose concentrations up to 4%, a gel image can be copied directly to the clipboard, and molecular weight markers from PHENIX Research and others have been added.

Make Features from Aligned Sequences

Aligned sequences can be converted directly to features.

Read Files from DNADynamo

Annotated DNA sequence files created with DNADynamo can now be opened directly with SnapGene.

What would you like SnapGene to do?

We are constantly working on new features to make your life easier. If you have a suggestion, please respond to this email or contact us.
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