Check out SnapGene 3.3!
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SnapGene now provides synthetic biology tools, as well as enhanced options for file conversion and embedding.

Insert Sequence Elements

Use dedicated commands to insert features, restriction sites, codons, or reverse translations.
Insert Commands

Design a Synthetic Construct

Assemble a DNA construct by inserting sequence elements with the New Synthetic Construct interface.
New Synthetic Construct

Define Favorite Features

Designate standard or custom features as “Favorites” that can be accessed quickly from a special list.
Favorite Features

Embed External Files

Organize your data by embedding image or document files into a SnapGene file.
Embedded Files

Batch Convert Files

Convert an entire folder of files to or from SnapGene format in a single step.
Batch Convert Files

Import Geneious Files

Open DNA and protein sequence files in .geneious format directly in SnapGene.


The software has been updated to improve performance with newer operating systems and with high-DPI monitors for Windows. SnapGene 3.3 requires macOS 10.8, or Windows 7 or later.

Share plasmids online with SnapGene Server

Now it's even easier to share plasmids online. Learn more or get in touch to start using SnapGene Server to automatically generate interactive maps on your site.
SnapGene Server Map

SnapGene Server is already powering the maps on our own website.


Lots of exciting developments and partnerships are in the pipeline for 2017. Please stay tuned!

As always, if you have feedback or your own wish list, we want to hear from you.
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