Check out SnapGene 4.1!
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Version 4.1 offers enhanced flexibility, with a focus on file history trees and the collection interface.

Limit File History Trees

History trees are one of SnapGene’s most powerful features, but large history trees make sequence files unwieldy and slow the simulations. Now you can automatically limit the size of history trees, or manually trim history trees for individual files or sets of files.
Limit File History Trees

View Folders in a Collection

Files in a collection can now be organized in nested folders. The file hierarchy is visible with an optional folder view.
View Folders in a Collection

Define Code Numbers for a Collection

For DNA files in a collection, a versatile interface allows specification of the code number format. Newly added or imported files can automatically receive sequential code numbers.
Define Code Numbers for a Collection

Create a Working Set for a Collection

Files of interest in a collection can be assigned to a “Working Set”. Those files are then easily accessed both in the collection and in cloning windows. 

Sort a Collection by “Date Created”

Files in a collection can now be sorted either by “Date Added” or “Date Created”.
Sort a Collection by Date Created

Choose Enzymes More Precisely

The Choose Enzymes dialog offers new options for specifying the properties of the recognition sequence.
Choose Enzymes More Precisely

Visit Us at PEGS Europe November 13 - 16!

If you will be attending PEGS Europe in Lisbon this week, we would love to meet you in Booth # 41. Lead developer Will Stokes will be on hand. He can make your dreams come true, at least as far as in silico cloning is concerned.
Will Stokes with a customer at PEGS Boston


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