Check out SnapGene 3.2!
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Import directly from Addgene! SnapGene 3.2 is all about access and sharing. You can also do more with codon usage and reverse translation.

Access the Addgene Online Plasmid Collection

We're thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Addgene to allow you to import an annotated plasmid sequence directly from their collection of 45,000+ plasmids.
Import from Addgene

Import from the SnapGene Online Plasmid Resource

In addition to building the fastest, easiest molecular biology software around, we also maintain a carefully annotated online plasmid collection as a resource for the community. Now you can import directly!
Import from the SnapGene online plasmid resource

Open and Align FASTQ Files and Archives

SnapGene now recognizes FASTQ format. A multi-sequence FASTQ or FASTA archive can be aligned to a reference sequence.
Open and Align FASTQ Files

Import Additional File Types

Open files from CLC Bio, import oligos from a Vector NTI® database, or convert a Vector NTI® oligo archive or a Clone Manager primer collection to a text file that can be used by SnapGene.
Import Additional File Types

Reverse Translate Protein to DNA

A protein sequence can be reverse translated using codon choices that are random, or degenerate, or based on frequencies in a codon usage table.
Reverse Translate Protein to DNA

Choose Alternative Codons

With a translated feature, synonymous codons can be chosen manually, or chosen automatically based on a codon usage table.
Choose Alternative Codons
Special thanks to Anders Aspberg, Zhe Yan, Seth Goldman, Patrick Connelly, Tyler Bradshaw, Anton Ivankin, Michael Lynge Nielsen, and Willem-Jan Waterreus for your suggestions. We're glad we were able to implement them in this release.

Plenty of new developments are on the way. Please stay tuned!
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