SnapGene is collaborating with Addgene!
Plasmid maps on are now powered by SnapGene Server.
Scientists often suggest that we should work with Addgene to provide the maps on their site. We listened! The SnapGene and Addgene development teams have been in intense collaboration, and the maps on are now powered by our web-based SnapGene Server software.

We're proud to partner with Addgene, as our companies share a vision to make science move faster. Clean, accurate plasmid visualization is part of that equation. You can read more about the partnership in our press release.

The Sequence Analyzer pages on include lots of options for analysis. Below is a brief overview.


Hover over any feature, enzyme, primer, or ORF to learn more about it.
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The DNA sequences are also interactive and have similar hover-over features.
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Restriction Enzymes

A table shows the restriction enzymes that cut the sequence. Our friends at Addgene tell us the list of enzymes that can be detected with SnapGene Server is 5x greater than their previous capability.
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The Features table lists the common features detected in the plasmid sequence. This capability takes advantage of SnapGene's large and growing features database.
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This tab contains a table listing commonly used primers detected in the sequence.
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Want to power your plasmid maps with SnapGene Server?

It's easy to set up, and free for nonprofit sites. Get in touch!
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