Multiple Alignments and More!
SnapGene 4.2 adds an interface for multiple alignment, together with improved tools for displaying and exchanging data.

Multiple Protein and DNA Alignments

Align protein or DNA sequences using any combination of Clustal Omega, MAFFT, MUSCLE, or T-Coffee. A versatile interface provides options for rendering and editing an alignment.
Multiple Alignments

Improved Display of Related Features

pre-mRNA features such as exons are automatically grouped for display in the same row of a map.
Related Features

Tabbed Interface for macOS

With macOS 10.13 and higher, sequence windows can now be organized with tabs.

Choice of Any Reading Frame

In Sequence view, choose any of the six reading frames for a full-sequence translation.
Reading Frames

File Exchange with the LabArchives ELN

SnapGene users can upload sequence files directly to their LabArchives notebooks, and can open sequence files stored in their LabArchives notebooks. Changes to a file are recorded and stored in the LabArchives platform, with automatic full versioning. See our User Guide for details.
User Guide/LabArchives

Special Offer to Order Synthetic Constructs Through SnapGene

Now through September 30, 2018, Synbio Technologies is offering the special price of $0.16/bp for orders received through the SnapGene interface. This price applies to non-complex sequences less than 3 kb. 

*Offer provided by Synbio Technologies and subject to change at any time without notice.


Exciting developments and partnerships are in the pipeline for 2018. Please stay tuned!

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