SnapGene 2.5 has arrived.
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SnapGene 2.5 supports Gateway® cloning. You can also clone with more fragments, retain history information when importing from Vector NTI®, import a range or region from GenBank, and more.

Gateway® Cloning Support

In response to countless requests: you can now visualize standard or multisite Gateway® procedures, and automatically design suitable primers, with unparalleled ease.
Choose Enzymes

More Intuitive Enzyme Chooser

The "Choose Enzymes" controls have been made simpler and more versatile.


Clone with More Fragments

Up to eight fragments are allowed not only with Gibson Assembly®, but also with restriction cloning, linear ligation, overlap extension PCR, and In-Fusion® cloning.
Eight Fragments
Inverted Gel

Print or Export an Inverted Gel

To save toner, you can print or export an inverted gel image.
Import from GenBank

Import a Range or Region from GenBank

Use a hyphen to specify a range of GenBank records, or specify a region of a GenBank sequence.
Vector NTI History

Enhanced Import from Vector NTI®

The parent-descendant relationships from a Vector NTI® database are now captured by SnapGene in History view.


More DNA Ladders

As requested by our customers, the agarose gel simulator provides additional DNA ladders from Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific, KAPA Biosystems, and SERVA.

Sneak Peek

We're already hard at work on the next version of SnapGene, with new features based on your suggestions. For example, version 2.6 will offer support for TA and GC cloning.

What would you like SnapGene to do?

We are constantly working on new features to make your life easier. If you have a suggestion, please respond to this email or contact us.
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