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Those who are quick to see their limitations generally are slow in seeing their opportunities.

Movie producer Michael Todd once said, “Being broke is temporary; being poor is a state of mind.” So it is with opportunity. Whether you see opportunities or limitations is entirely within your control. How you view the world is a reflection of your mental attitude. If you focus on your inadequacies, you will be plagued by fear, doubt, and failure, but when you focus on your strengths, you will find courage, confidence, and success. Self-confidence can replace self-doubt only by deliberate, planned effort. When you start to doubt your capabilities, pause to review your previous accomplishments. Identify every experience that might be helpful to you in your present situation. When you apply the knowledge and wisdom you have accumulated, there are few limitations that you cannot overcome.

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From The Napoleon Hill Foundation Archives

An old advertisement for a Napoleon Hill speaking event in Dixon, Illinois.

Master Mind Action & Implementation Guide: Your Guide to Establishing and Maintaining a Successful Master Mind Group

Magnify your capacity for achievement by harnessing the power of the Master Mind.
The world’s most successful individuals have discovered that the secret to exponential results comes from the application of the Master Mind principle, which states that:
two or more minds, working together in harmony toward a definite objective, have more power than a single mind.

The Master Mind Action & Implementation Guide channels the wisdom of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, to provide you with a roadmap for creating and maintaining a Master Mind group so that you can access sources of knowledge unavailable to most individuals. This guidebook is packed with tools, techniques, and strategies to equip you to:
  • Select group members who will best complement your expertise and abilities
  • Determine the greater purpose toward which the Master Mind will work
  • Establish a productive structure and rhythm for regular meetings
  • Foster harmonious relations in the group
  • Translate group insight into meaningful and effective action
  • Ensure the consistency and longevity of your partnership
Not only will you uncover the secrets to forming, strengthening, and profiting from a Master Mind group, but you will receive a blueprint for organizing and directing your sessions, including prompts for coordinating the group’s efforts around major goals.
No one can build a fortune or attain success by themselves. By allying yourself with others to create new knowledge, expand personal influence, and identify business solutions, you can leverage the power of the Master Mind to achieve results beyond the capabilities of any one individual.

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