By Gerry Murray. 28-02-2021
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“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”  ~ Denis Waitley

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I hope you're doing well and still hanging in there as we eagerly await a return to some form of normality

However, as we approach the anniversary of a world in lockdown, I think it's fair to say that we're all beginning to feel the strain. Sometimes, I've looked to our cat, Picasso (yes, that's his name!), for inspiration as he often displays the most remarkable levels of patience e.g. when waiting for a mouse to appear. However, as my wife has pointed out, he can often be very selfish and impatient when he wants to be fed! 

The Workflix phenomena

As someone who runs a business and works more independently, I perhaps have a little bit more control over my context, my time and my priorities than someone who is employed in a large organisation. Working closely these past few months with people in such large organisations and from various discussions I've had with friends, it seems that many people experience their days just going from one video call to another. I've noticed that the term "hard stop" has become a prevalent feature of such calls with clients as they pivot to their next call. 

Two weeks ago, I had the experience of one of those back-to-back video call weeks and I must admit that by the Friday evening I felt exhausted (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). 

The term "workflix" comes to mind!

The Juggle Struggle

I've also had experiences where, a few minutes into a video call, we decided to reschedule because a parent was struggling with a young child or some other domestic issue arose and the call simply wasn't going to work. My heart goes out to anyone who has to juggle all these things, day in, day out with young children or an elderly or sick relative to care for. 

The Lonely Planet

Some of you may be living through this pandemic on your own. Studies would suggest that it's not natural for humans to be without social contact for long periods of time. Therefore, structuring regular social calls into your week is vital. I hope you're able to do this. If not, then let's have a Zoom call...

Stepping back

I've been a fan of the work of author Dan Pink for some time and for the past few years he regularly publishes short videos, which he calls the Pinkcast. In them he shares tips from authors or from his own research on what I suppose today could be called "life hacks". 

This is one tip from his latest Pinkcast that I feel we should all test out (if you're not already doing so).  

He calls it the Schultz hour

Create your own Schultz hour

My variation on this is to go for a long walk every day. It gives me a chance to process stuff, recalibrate my state and to think ahead. Sometimes, I've been surprised at how clear things become and how creative I've been during these walks. Although, I shouldn't really be surprised as there's loads of neuroscience research to support this phenomenon! 

Often, I capture my thoughts on my phone as I walk along. So, I suggest you could take headphones with you that enable you to record things. Apple's Airpods are remarkable good at this!

Another alternative is to batch some phone calls and have walking phone call meetings. This can take away feelings of guilt that you should be working. If you can walk in nature, the bird song adds some colour to these calls. Recently, I'm meeting more and more people who seem to be doing this. Maybe they're reading these posts?! 

I'd be curious to learn what works for you and perhaps I could incorporate your tips into my podcast. Speaking of which...

Here's the link to Leading People.

May you find that precious hour this week and discover its benefits!



People say "Time flies when you're having fun."
Nobody's had any fun this year, and it's already October.

My teacher once told me, "Time flies."
I replied, "You can't, they're too fast."

Some people say time flies like an arrow
I tell them that fruit flies like a banana

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