By Gerry Murray. 19-12-2021
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"It always seem impossible until it's done." ~ Nelson Mandela

If you've already listened to my podcast #23 with Brian Moran on the 12 Week Year and subsequently bought his excellent book then you're in a good position to embrace and implement what I'm suggesting in this week's post. 

When we have lots of unfinished business it's like having a bucket of water full of holes. It leaks. 

And, in the case of stuff not completed this is like leaking energy.

To put this to the test: think of something that you haven't completed that you feel you should have. 

Now, where's your energy? Probably, quite low! 

Now, think of something you've just finished off. I bet your energy is probably quite high. 

The 12 Week Year is predicated on focus and execution. To do both of these well, in short periodisation bursts, you need lots of energy

So, to have more energy going into 2022 here's a little exercise that you could do (I'll be doing it myself!). It's called Stop the Spinning Plates. Just like in the circus, if you have too many plates spinning, it's inevitable that some of them might fall. 

This is often why we end up our year with lots of unfinished business. So, time to clean out the cupboard and get 2022 off to a positive and clear start!

This is an old NLP exercise from the 1980s and I've updated it for the 21st Century. I do this exercise as best as I can every quarter and, therefore, if you do the same you can easily align it with the 12 Week Year. 

Stop the Spinning Plates
Theory: Everything that is incomplete drains energy from you and from your success. Like keeping plates in the air – all incomplete things drain energy from your purpose.
1. Make a list of all the things you have to do and refer to it daily.      
2. Put all your appointments and tasks that take time in your calendar including any "me" activities such as going for a run – refer to it daily. Plan your time. Stick to it.      
3. Clean up your house, and or your office.      
4. Clean up your car – inside and out. Get it serviced, if needed.      
5. Throw away everything you don’t use, haven’t used in 6 months, or that is outdated. (Keep and file all business receipts, credit card statements and documents)      
6. Organise all your other papers, files and folders.      
7. File or throw away any unused papers, delete files and folders.      
8. Clean out all filing cabinets. Throw away unused materials.      
9. Clean off the top of your desk. Throw away unused materials and any unneeded papers. File all papers you don’t throw away.      
10. File any past tax or business filings that are due.      
11. Get your current account in balance. Get all financial statements (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet) up to date. Keep them up to date. 
12. Pay all your bills and make arrangements and or agreements as to when you will pay them. Keep those agreements.      
13. Make a list of everyone who owes you money, or who has borrowed things. Write or call and ask for the money (or the thing borrowed), or cross the person off the list and decide it is complete.      
14. Make a list of all the things you have started but not completed. Complete the list, or cross it off and decide not to do it.      
15. Make a list of all the things you have started, are ongoing and are incomplete. Complete the list, or cross it off and decide not to do it.
16. Make a list of all the things, which you have had going on a long time but have just not completed. Complete the list, or cross it off and decide not to do it.
17. Make a list of all the agreements you’ve made. Fulfil all past agreements. Renegotiate and make new agreements with any that you can’t fulfil.       
18. Take total responsibility for your business. Do only what you can, delegate the rest. Agree only to what you know you can fulfil. Never commit to more than you know you can do.      
19. Start taking care of your physical body – eat well, exercise well, sleep well, etc.

I hope that you go into 2022 with no plates spinning. 


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A stationery store was broken into. Box files, wall calendars and appointment diaries were stolen.
Police suspect highly organised crime.

I have a book on how to keep things organised in your home
Unfortunately, I don't know where I stored it

If you gathered up all the receipts from your wallet and organised them
You would have a little book of why you're broke

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