By Gerry Murray. 10-05-2020
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"I don't think necessity is the mother of invention. Invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness - to save oneself trouble." ~ Agatha Christie

Thanks to everyone who sent your best wishes these past 2 weeks! 

For 4 days last week, on medical advice, I did absolutely no work - nada, diddly squat, zilch, nichts (insert your favourite term). This is something I normally only experience when on a holiday. Probably you do too. 

As someone who works from home a lot, this was a strange experience at the beginning but after the first day, I began to feel the benefits of completely switching off. I opted out of many online meetings and the world continued without my active involvement. Gradually, I got used to it. And, the world did too!

Is it a corona effect?

I wondered whether it would be different in non-corona times. However, many people I know have been working as normal, or even harder, these past weeks. Some are enjoying the experience of working from home. Others are hating it. 

In the end, I’ve concluded that the art of doing nothing is about making choices based on our values e.g. health over wealth. This, in turn, gives us the energy to focus on what matters most to us

Life often presents us with opportunities to reassess what’s important to us. We should not waste these moments...



People shouldn’t look down on lazy people.
They haven’t done anything!

My lazy no-good son said he's going to run away from home.
I said, "Good, that'll be the first physical workout you've had in three years."

I'm so lazy my mom gets onto me about sleeping all the time, she once asked me "Is sleeping all you're good at?"
I said, "Yep, I could do it with my eyes closed."



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