By Gerry Murray. 31-05-2020
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“I don’t just do this job with my head, I do it first and foremost with my heart.” ~ Annelies

Annelies is an Intensive Care Cardiology Nurse at my local university hospital and one of a team of 40+ dedicated healthcare professionals who nursed me back to health last month after life threw me a curveball of immense proportions. 

One evening, I shared my gratitude with her and told her how impressed I was with everyone’s dedication to the patients. And the quote above was her response. 

I think we’ve all seen the heroic efforts of healthcare workers and people in essential services around the world these past few months and been impressed and grateful. My wish is that we retain that reverence and respect for them long after this crisis has passed. 

Perhaps, we should re-appraise how we view workers in all jobs, including our colleagues and others who provide us with services...

Will we emerge from this period with a rethink and a reset on how we live and work? Or, will we soon forget and go back to business as usual, much as what happened after the financial crisis in 2009? 

I’d be curious to get your emerging thoughts and opinions on life and work after corona...

And, as a final thought, I wonder how many people in other jobs would provide such a spontaneous and congruent response to how they feel about their work as Annelies did. 

By the way, I now feel much better and am making a steady recovery.

May your heart guide you in your work this week...




I used to get heartburn when I ate birthday cake until a doctor advised me to take the candles off first.

My cardiologist friend keeps sending me x-rays of his chest. A bit weird I know but it just shows his heart is in the right place.

Bonnie Tyler has released a video all about cardiology. It’s called “Total Clips of the Heart”


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