By Gerry Murray. 12-12-2021
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“It takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently.”
~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A while back I came across an intriguing article on the BBC Worklife website. It was written by this week's Leading People podcast guest, David Robson

I later went on to purchase his excellent and extremely well-researched book entitled The Intelligence Trap

In this conversation, we chat about both the Intelligence Trap and David's forthcoming book The Expectation Effect and David reveals some fascinating insights into how so many smart people make dumb decisions and how to revolutionise your thinking so you can make wiser decisions

During our conversation, David explains how he came to write his new book, The Expectation Effect, and he shares some of the intriguing insights he gleaned from his research into sleep, exercise, food and much more...

He also provides us with his top tips for how to avoid the intelligence trap and improve your mindset so you can get the most out of the expectation effect. 

So, why not click on the link and dive in...

May your expectations meet your expectations this week!


Listen to the Podcast


Two aliens are flying near earth. The first one says, "The dominant life form here has developed satellite-based nuclear weapons." 
The second one says, "Are they an emerging intelligence?"
The first one says, "I don't think so, they have them aimed at themselves."

A teacher is teaching a class of kids about intelligence
She explains what intelligence is and then...
Teacher: people who are the opposite of intelligent are called stupid.
Now those of you who think of yourselves as stupid, please stand up.
She waits to see if someone would stand up but no one does. After a long while, finally, a kid stands up.
Teacher: Do you think you are stupid?
Student: No
Teacher: Then why did you stand up?
Student: I felt bad since you're the only one standing.

What's the difference between Stupidity and Intelligence?
Intelligence has limits.

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