By Gerry Murray. 05-12-2021
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"The secret of my piano playing is that I always make sure that the lid over the keyboard is open before I start to play."
~ Artur Schnabel

Before writing this post I updated my 12 Week Year weekly plan and scorecard. This is one of the many fantastic tools created by last week's Leading People guest Brian Moran

If you haven't yet had a chance to listen to the podcast I highly recommend that you do. Adopting the 12 Week Year approach to planning could be one of the most useful things you do going into 2022. 

It could be one of the differences that make the difference to what you achieve in 2022. 

So, I thought I'd share a useful exercise that you could do before 2022 begins, whether you're planning on using the 12 Week Year or not.

Get some sheets of paper or a notebook and a pen. Follow these three simple steps: 

1. Write down all the things that you've achieved in 2021. Include even stuff that you didn't expect to achieve and anything that made you feel good e.g. a change of hairstyle!

2. On a second page write down all the things that you set out to achieve in 2021 but have not achieved, yet

3. Compare the two lists and ask yourself: "What is the difference that makes the difference between the two lists?". Write down those key things on a separate page or in your phone as your Key Success Factors or Rules for Success.

Use your Rules for Success to guide you in all the things you want to achieve in 2022

And, as there's still some time left in 2021, you could review your list of things you've not achieved yet and decide whether you should:

  • Stop pursuing them
  • Finish them off
  • Start pursuing them 

I hope you found this makes a difference...


Listen to the Podcast


Four engineers get into a car. The car won’t start.

The mechanical engineer says:
“It’s a broken starter”

The electrical engineer says:
“Dead battery”

The chemical engineer says:
“Impurities in the gasoline”

The IT engineer says:
“Hey guys, I have an idea, how about we all get out of the car and get back in”

Someone really needs to start a procrastination club
Maybe I'll get around to doing that tomorrow

I ran into an old friend from school today who immediately started bragging about his wonderful life.
Then he pulled out a photo of his wife and said, “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”
I said, “If you think she’s beautiful, you should see my girlfriend.”
He said, “Why? is she good looking?”
I said, “No, she’s an optician.”

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