By Gerry Murray. 26-01-2020
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"A journey of self-discovery starts with a single step… But so does falling down a flight of stairs." ~ Kathy Lette

Inspired by one of the readers of this weekly post and a former colleague, Brian Thumwood, I started listening to podcasts about a year ago. They're a great way to learn new things, consolidate your existing knowledge and fill in time instead of idly surfing on Facebook or other social networks. Thanks again, Brian! 

This past week I came across a Podcast by award-winning author, Charles Duhigg, called “How to!”

On my regular early morning walk, I listened to his episode entitled “How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick” where he followed up with several of his interviewees in 2019 to find out how they progressed/succeeded with their various “How to…” challenges in their lives. From this, he derived 5 principles or approaches that had worked for these individuals. Each person had applied one of the principles. 

I was chuffed to discover that many of these principles are closely aligned with the content of my “Make this your Best Year Yet” seminar and online course. One of these principles is based on what is known as “The Science of Small Wins” and it’s highly effective. Check out the podcast at 6:40 for the example applied to eating and exercise. 

Another key principle was having a plan and sticking to it.

How can you apply this?

Because it’s topical at this time of the year, I’ll use a health/weight example to illustrate. 

Suppose you want to reduce your weight by 7kg or, for Imperialists, a stone. This is a reasonable goal for many people. By the way, I prefer to talk about reducing weight rather than losing weight. It’s a subtle distinction but many of us don’t like to lose things, even things that benefit us! 

If you follow an eating programme such as the Fast 800 (I highly recommend it!) and incorporate exercise into your daily/weekly routine (the plan) then it’s feasible to create a schema like the one below. I’ll use a hypothetical goal for a man of reducing his weight from 87kg to 80kg over a 7-8 week period. 

Week 1 - I weigh 86kg
Week 2 - I weigh 85kg
Week 3 - I weigh 84kg

To facilitate this further, put these micro weight goals in your calendar with reminders and tell others because it’ll create a sense of accountability. If you have a shared family calendar it will do this automatically for you! 

Give yourself (preferably non-food/drink) rewards for each milestone reached. Your brain likes this too…

I offer a few support options for goal setting, breaking habits, etc… on my website, if you’re interested. Click here for more info

Here's to a week of big steps and small wins…



I keep trying to lose weight but it keeps finding me.

Why did the diet coach send her clients to the paint store?
She heard you could get thinner there.

Q: How did Native Americans say vegetarian?
A: “Bad hunter!”

Q. What do you call someone who can’t stick with a diet?
A. A desserter.

Q. What is a man’s idea of a balanced diet?
A. A beer in each hand.

A funny thing with a diet: the second day of a diet is always easier than the first.  By the second day, you’re off it.

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