By Gerry Murray. 20-10-2019
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“Being known for ’not knowing how’ to do things is not desirable within organisations. Thus people readily mask ability deficiencies.” ~ Rick Tate & Dr Julie White

How Confident are you at Work?

This past week I spent some quality time with two good friends, Rick Tate and Dr Julie White, whose excellent book “People Leave Managers… Not Organisations” I highly recommend. 

Throughout their professional life they have worked with organisations to help them improve performance. We share many similar experiences in this regard. One of the biggest challenges that Managers have, and something they frequently get wrong, is how to diagnose performance issues. None more so is understanding Attitude as a contribution to great or poor performance. 

How do you diagnose Performance issues? 

When diagnosing performance issues, we often start with Ability - does the person have the combination of skills, competences, experience and knowledge to perform their tasks to the required standard. This is easy enough to spot and to address. The Manager must find a way to Teach the person how to do the job to meet expectations. 

However, when Managers perceive that there’s no inherent Ability issue they frequently then turn to look at Attitude. And, this is where mistakes are often made. Whilst most people think of Attitude issues with performance as a combination of motivation and commitment, there is a third dimension - a lack of confidence

Lack of confidence is not something that we as human beings are ready and willing to discuss openly. Our Ego has two primary directives: 

  • To look good
  • To be right

Therefore, we tend not to admit that we may not have the ability or know-how to perform a task when asked or directed by a Manager. 

Confidence issues usually come down to a few key things. The employee seems: 

  • Insecure about his/her own abilities
  • To be apprehensive or reluctant about taking personal initiative or responsibility
  • Overly concerned about a mistake or mishap
  • Lacking in confidence in their own ideas or suggestions

Once diagnosed, each of these factors can be dealt with in an appropriate way. To help Managers do this, at Wide Circle we work with a range of diagnostic tools that give both them and their people the vital insights to get to the heart of the performance matter. 

Getting it wrong, however, can have devastating consequences for all concerned. If you’d like to learn more about the various Performance Management tools that we work with please let me know. 

If you’re struggling with some personal confidence issues and you’d like a safe space where you can work through them, then my next Seminar in November may be just the thing for you! Click here for full details and to register

May confidence be your friend this week



My door to door fruit delivery business failed badly because of my poor people skills.
I was driving people bananas.

The hard working hole driller thought that everyone he met had bad social skills...
But in reality, people just couldn’t look him in his eyes because they always found him to be boring.

I’m normally not one to brag about my financial skills
But my credit card company calls me almost everyday to inform me my balance is outstanding!

Hey, boss, my salary is not compatible with my skills!
I know that, but I can't let you starve to death

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