By Gerry Murray. 08-12-2019
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“A book that is made up of only great sentences is not necessarily a great book.” ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Ever since I put batteries in my watch 2 months ago my phone screen time has steadily gone down week on week by around 75%! I was using my phone to tell the time and then some… Now, I think twice before picking it up. It’s very liberating! It means that I can get a lot more “real” work done.

Why am I telling you this? 

Many of the world’s top CEOs are very good at what Greg McKeown, in his book Essentialism, calls Editing. He cites Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, as an example. Dorsey even refers to himself as the Chief Editing Officer

Steve Jobs was famous for saying No to things that distract and get in the way of your mission and purpose. 

DHL CEO, Ken Allen, talks in his book Radical Simplicity about his WIN philosophy - What’s Important Now - as a way to maintain focus on the essentials. 

Many others adopt the MIT - Most Important Task - approach to getting their day off to a strong start. Identify what your most important task is and get that done first thing, if possible. 

You don’t need to lead a large company or be a successful CEO to become a Chief Editing Officer. However, these people are successful for a reason. They seem to consistently get the “right” things done! 

Besides, overwhelm is stressful and can lead to burnout. And, our brains don’t like unfinished things because, like a leaky bucket, this drains energy. 

Test this out

You can test this out by simply thinking about something that you should’ve finished but you have not. Notice how your energy drains. 

Now, think of something that you recently completed and how good it feels to have this done and dusted. Notice how your energy picks up again.

Join me

This is a great time of the year for doing some “editing” and, if you’re interested in testing this out along with other tools and approaches you could join me on the 18th of January 2020

If you’re in Brussels on Tuesday 10th December we’re having a little drink and snacks to celebrate the 10th Birthday of the Personal Development community I founded in 2009. Click here for more info 

Make your edits improve your flow this week…



I applied to get a job as a video editor.
Didn’t make the final cut.

What’s an image editor’s favourite country?
It’s royalty-free.

A woman goes to the local newspaper office to see that the Obituary for her recently deceased husband is published. The Editor informs her that there is a charge of one dollar per word.  
She pauses, reflects, and then she says, "Well then, let it read: 'Fred Brown died.' "
Amused at the Woman's thrift, the Editor tells her that there is a seven-word minimum for all obituaries.  

She thinks it over and in a few seconds says, "In that case, let it read:
'Fred Brown Died - golf clubs for sale.' "

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