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JULY 2013                                                                                Issue #18


(or winter for our friends down under)

An update on the latest star news might be in order now, as many are asking "what's going on?" The first thing that comes to mind is that Mercury has been retrograde since June 24th and goes direct July 20th. But what has transpired in its midst? I've always looked at both Mercury and Venus retrogrades as the MOST CRUCIAL part of their cycles. Why? In Venus' case, that's where the Venus Star Point is found, at what I would call the beginning of the Venus 584-day synodic cycle. Venus goes retrograde every 1.6 years. But Mercury is a different story. That fast-moving little guy is cruising around the Sun in a synodic cycle that lasts a mere 116 days. So, the Venus orbit is 1.6 which equals "phi". Mercury's is 3.14 which equates to "pi". Now, isn't that rather phenomenal that the two planets between Earth and Sun are tied to mathematical values crucially important to almost every important structure and design element -- in short, how the universe works! Mercury's retrogrades are three per year, sometimes four, (actually 3.14), usually in the same element. This year's chosen element is WATER, adding a very heavily weighted planetary signature of water right now. More about that down below.

Mercury stationed retrograde in Cancer at the 24th degree on June 26th. The USA Mercury, which is also retrograde, is the 25th degree of Cancer. It's rare when the Mercury aligns in this way with natal Mercury on a stationary degree. This was the exact day that the Supreme Court overturned DOMA and Prop 8 in CA., in effect, giving gay marriage legality and couples the rights and privileges of any married couple. What is so interesting about these two events being perfectly synced is the Sabian degree of Mercury: "Two men and a woman on a sunlit island facing south." It gives new meaning to that symbol, with the masculine element being joined together and the feminine element representing love and marriage.

What else has Mercury retrograde turned up? The appearance and disappearance (and eventually reappearance) of Edward Snowden. Before Mercury went retrograde, but when it had already entered its shadow period in early June, Edward Snowden released a bombshell of data exposing numerous top-security, undercover government operations and procedures which shocked the world. Perhaps this story shocked no one but the top government officials themselves who just got humiliated by such mass media exposure. The timing was perfectly planned for a transportation event like this. As Mercury is ready to do an about-face and move in the other direction from where it had been heading, was the day Snowden was supposed to be on an airplane to Cuba. The news media, prepared to show us a fugitive on the run, showed instead an empty seat!  The U.S. natal chart possesses a Mercury-Pluto opposition at 24 Cancer to 27 Capricorn. That polarity explains a lot of things about the U.S., but in this case it shows us the struggle the country has with piling up so many secret documents and activities and really keeping anyone from finding out what they're up to. This same Mercury-Pluto interplay also is emphasized in the chart of Edward Snowden: Birth Data (from BC as posted by Gavin Carruthers via Santa Fe Astrology Circle) June 21, 1983 – 4:42 am, Elizabeth City, NC. 

It probably comes as no surprise that Snowden’s chart contains a massive emphasis on Gemini and Scorpio – the rulers of which are Mercury and Pluto.  Mercury and Pluto – quite a tricky, secretive, clever and talented duo this pair is. A persuasive salesman who could talk Eskimos into buying shares of ice. Sleight of hand? Magical healing properties? Materializing and de-materializing right before your eyes? Plutonian top-secrets making international headlines at lightning speed (Mercury)? Whether you cheer him as a hero, sympathize with him as a scape-goat who will probably pay a price for his deeds, or hate him for betraying his country, get used to the likes of him. Snowden embodies an archetypal pattern of the emerging generation we have yet to label with a name – those born from the early ‘80s to the late ‘90s covering the pre- to post- Pluto in Scorpio generation. And who are poised to grasp or grapple with the reins of power in most unusual, dramatic and not unlikely, death-defying ways.

Snowden’s horoscope shows him to have ASC, Sun, Mercury, Mars and North Node in Gemini – in a rising position, occupying both the 12th and 1st houses. Pardon me, says Snowden with all that, especially N. Node in Gemini – I am compelled and furthermore it is my destiny to learn everything I can about such things and tell the world. Couple that with a Moon conjunct the Venus Star Point® in Scorpio, a natural talent for digging in and uncovering secrets and undiscovered treasures. With this combo, he could have easily been a world traveler, whose mission it was to document underground mysteries. For more about the VSP in Scorpio, see Venus Star Rising at:

Switching gears now, we turn to the Walls of Water

For a larger version of the chart, click here 

CANCER (Cardinal Water): Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter (Mars enters Cancer on July 13th)
SCORPIO (Fixed Water): Saturn, North Node
PISCES (Mutable Water): Neptune, Chiron

Whenever three (or more) of the heavy-weight planets join together in any kind of aspect pattern, be it somewhat unsettling or described to be wonderful and beautiful with peace and love all around, the world is going to stand up and take notice, whether they know it’s the planets or not. So, at the present time it is a rare opportunity to witness the exact trines of three heavy-weight planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, joined by lesser-known Chiron and the North Node of the Moon, that will bring five astronomical energies coming together in a precise set of trines (120 degree) aspects a total of eighteen (18) times(!) in a two-year period, shown in the table below. 

2012-2014 Exact Hits

Sat Tri Nep Oct 10 2012 00°Sc37' D 00°Pi37' R
Sat Tri Chi Nov 16 2012 04°Sc58' D 04°Pi58' D
Sat Tri Chi Mar 21 2013 10°Sc44' R 10°Pi44' D
Sat Tri Nep Jun 11 2013 05°Sc22' R 05°Pi22' R
Jup Tri Sat Jul 17 2013 04°Cn53' D 04°Sc53' D
Jup Tri Nep Jul 17 2013 04°Cn57' D 04°Pi57' R
Sat Tri Nep Jul 19 2013 04°Sc55' D 04°Pi55' R
Chi Tri Nod Jul 25 2013 13°Pi08' R 13°Sc08' R
Jup Tri Nod Aug 16 2013 11°Cn10' D 11°Sc10' R
Jup Tri Chi Aug 21 2013 12°Cn04' D 12°Pi04' R
Sat Tri Chi Oct 2 2013 10°Sc09' D 10°Pi09' R
Jup Tri Sat Dec 12 2013 18°Cn27' R 18°Sc27' D
Nep Tri Nod Jan 16 2014 03°Pi41' D 03°Sc41' R
Jup Tri Chi Feb 5 2014 11°Cn45' R 11°Pi45' D
Jup Tri Chi May 14 2014 17°Cn08' D 17°Pi08' D
Jup Tri Sat May 24 2014 18°Cn59' D 18°Sc59' R
Sat Tri Chi Jun 12 2014 17°Sc44' R 17°Pi44' D
Sat Tri Chi Aug 5 2014 16°Sc50' D 16°Pi50' R

So what do we do with this much water - build an ark? We use it to our advantage to be truthful and honest about our feelings, we steer them carefully through the torrents of emotion that pour down from the activities all around us, and we stay steady through it all. Saturn helps in this regard. 

Water is the element that is associated with feelings. We are feeling things in great measure at the present moment. With an intentional focus, we feel for many and may just as easily engage in over-dramatization ourselves. 

Water is the element that deals with inspiration and the creativity that can arise out of that. For instance, Neptune in Pisces is the one we can turn to for this type of imagination and inspiration. As it will reside longer than any of the other planets we presently see transiting through the water signs, Neptune can be the force of stability for dreaming the dream of future reality.  With Saturn and Jupiter trining it for the next year, we are able to invest in and lay the foundation for what will emerge. 

Water is the magical elixir that has been used in mystical and religious practices down the ages as a way of cleansing and purifying, healing, forgiving, becoming reborn and getting well. We now have this rare opportunity to do just that – in a spiritual awakening (Neptune), in a physical practice (Saturn) and in an emotional cleanse (Jupiter—by way of its exalted position in Cancer). This unique triangle of water truly presents us with the opportunity to enter the HEART of the Metamorphosis which we spoke about last December in describing characteristics of 2013. For more about Heart of the Metamorphosis, click here.

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