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February 2014                                                                                                Issue #21                                 
Activities and Workshops:
Tucson, AZ: March 14-19 Arielle will be presenting Venus Star Rising as follows...
  • March 14-15: The Tucson Astrologers Guild – Discover how the Venus Star transits through your chart indicates important life events in your relationship and family life as well as your professional and personal life.
  • March 16: The Tucson Festival of Books – Meet the author of Venus Star Rising. The book is available for purchase with a signed copy by the author in the NMBA (New Mexico Book Association) Booth on the mall at the University of Arizona, Tucson campus.
  • March 17-19: Tucson Personal Consultations - Arielle is available for Venus Star readings as well as a variety of other consultations while she is in Tucson. For services and prices, go to this link:     Or email Arielle ahead if you are interested in an appointment.
  • April 12: San Francisco, CA -- Discover your Venus Star Point: Getting to the Heart of Your Life, sponsored by San Francisco Chapter of NCGR, at Fort Mason in San Francisco, 1-5 pm: On Mon-Tue April 14-15 San Francisco Personal Consultations; sign up early  

Feature Article:

PLANETS: Scrambled, Over-Easy or Hard Boiled?

Which way will they be served up to you over the next few months?
Everybody seems to be itching for seasonal changes as winter has delivered its blow to many parts of the world. During the first week of March we may all be getting ready for the seasonal changes. And so are the planets, it seems. The planets are slowly moving into the position of the Grand Cardinal Cross they will form in April, some of us feeling the intensity of that dynamic even now. 
Planets changing direction are paused in suspension, some for up to a week, prompting us to pause, refresh and regroup before jumping forward. In fact, a forward jump may necessitate going in a different direction than originally intended, even though it is forward motion. I’d love to choreograph that!
Below are the change-in-motion planets. While it is impossible to foretell how everyone will react to this, trust that all of us will be affected somehow and these particular signs perhaps to a greater degree.
FEB 28 - MERCURY DIRECT at 19 Aquarius, affects Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo
MAR 1 - MARS RETROGRADE at 28 Libra, affects Libra, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn
MAR 1 - VESTA RETROGRADE AT 30 Libra, affects Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn
MAR 2 - SATURN RETROGRADE at 24 Scorpio, affects Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
MAR 6 - JUPITER DIRECT at 11 Cancer, affects Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces
Feb 28: Mercury direct, after a three-week retrograde, inspires everyone to breathe a sigh of relief now that contract negotiations can move forward without so many entanglements. The Sabian symbol degree of 19 Mercury says: A Forest Fire is Quenched.” This implies the safety that one feels after a major disaster had been pending, whether a naturally occurring disaster (from nature) or a man-made one from communication breakdowns and animosity. In either case, we reach the safety of the other side.
Mar 1: Mars turns retrograde at 28 Libra for its first retrograde in two years. The Sabian symbol degree of Mars is: “A Man in the Midst of Brightening Influences.” This tells us, like Mercury above, that not only have we emerged from the pending forest fire, but that the future is looking bright. People, even amidst a retrograde Mars, will be turning their attention forward, not back. Mars in Libra for such a long period this cycle affects soldiers, athletes and gay-rights activists more than any other groups. One recent example is Michael Sam coming out and how the debate of the issue of athletes and gender preference has stirred in every segment of the media. We haven’t heard from the military, as of this writing, but before Mars finishes this cycle, don’t be surprised if we do.
Mar 1: Vesta turns retrograde at 30 Libra, covering the last half of the sign. Almost perfectly aligned with Mars for the duration of the retrograde, asteroid Vesta will keep a sharply pointed focus in Libra enveloping relationship fairness and equality in the public eye, in your personal life and in the courts of law.
As Vesta represents mature thinking and wisdom, the fact that her stationary Sabian symbol degree turns up as “three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head” indicates a satisfactory and possibly even a brilliant solution to our life’s major decisions and to the laws that are up for review in the courts. Three mounds of knowledge: act from not just one point of view; three mounds of knowledge: transcend your level of thinking in an area where you have been heretofore somewhat judgmental and biased. Three mounds of knowledge: if you can’t quite figure it out yourself, seek help from two others in whom you trust and respect.
Mar 2: Saturn enters its retrograde at 24 Scorpio. Everyone I know will be glad when Saturn finally comes up from the underground secret society of Scorpio. Hang on – Saturn will still be involved with Scorpio until mid-2015 although there will be a 6-month hiatus into Sagittarius.
These powerful issues of privacy, piracy, hacking, spying, giving up of personal secrets and intense levels of cyber invasion to our own little devices has reached a real pitch during this transit. Some relief will occur after late October 2014 when the VSP graces Scorpio again - but for now, with Saturn retreating over ground once covered during the next five months, a hermit-like journey must occur before major political decisions can really be made.
Although Saturn represents the law and the people that make the laws (politicians) a clear voice from the trenches will need to surface in order for anyone to get excited about anything political. Old legislators, once thought retired, will resurface. New ones will grab at the brass ring. The Sabian symbol speaks to crowds of people coming down the mountain to listen to one man. Who is that man? Or woman? The first one out of the gate isn't necessarily the right one.
Higher minded intentions and wisdom have an opportunity to grace the political scene between December 2014 and June 2015 when Saturn briefly enters Sagittarius.  Or, when political candidates are so self-evident about their greed and lust for power, they will begin tumbling off their high horses in a dramatic fall from grace. Both options are promising. 
Mar 6: Jupiter turns direct, at 11 Cancer. Retrograde in water and a sign of people’s homes, Jupiter’s presence in Cancer has literally delivered plenty of water to people in their homes over this past five-month retrograde since early November. The housing industry, including all the sectors of the trades involved in shelter and home improvement, could see a big boom with people obsessed about making home repairs, residential changes and extensive decisions regarding location and relocation.  
Jupiter’s degree forward, where it will station from mid-Feb to mid-Mar, as per its Sabian symbol, pictures a clown making faces. Someone is trying to get our attention, by either clowning around in a dramatic and annoying way, or urging us to lighten up and develop our sense of humor in life.
You are invited to share your stories regarding the interpretations given above.
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