Next Venus Star Point (TM) change from Leo MS to Gemini ES

June 2016

Issue 34


Next Venus Star Point Change: June 6, 2016:
From Leo MS to Gemini ES
Behold all you night sky gazers! Venus will once again grace the evening skies after sunset beginning this summer. On June 6-7, Venus will kiss the Sun, both will line up with Earth and we will have a three-way connection between the light of the Sun, the heart of Venus and the body of the Earth. It’s also the 4th anniversary, or VSP return of the 2012 Venus transit and the 8th anniversary of the 2004 Venus transit – creating a time when BIG decisions can be made in terms of who we are committed to and why. This is both personal and universal. The universal might be played out in the political arena, as we are about to have a national election for the presidency. And for both the personal and the universal, the first week of June is crucial. The Sun/Venus kiss will be affecting four major heavy-weights: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the Lunar Nodes, creating what could turn out to be a significant turning point on all fronts.

This new star point of Venus occurs in the sign Gemini, a mutable air sign. The mutable pattern is overwhelmingly in place right now - as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, the Lunar Nodes and now the Sun and Venus are all in mutable signs. Mutable planets present a time of changeability and adaptability. Security is uncertain; nothing is firm. There is a sense everything can be washed away or dissolved. 
Candidates notwithstanding, the Gemini VSP of our time is intimately tied into the US Presidential Election cycle every four years, and will be until the final Gemini Star Point occurs, in 2073. If I’ve calculated that correctly, there are 15 more presidential elections in the US that are tied to the Gemini VSP. We think of Gemini as someone who talks a good game, sales people, people who have a way with words, or a way with charming, engaging and entertaining us with their words. Thus, “buyer beware”! The true test is, can they actually deliver what they promise?

Gemini is the sign of information, but not always researched, fact-based information. More likely than not, it is a sign of hear-say. (“I just heard or I just read that….”) without a sourcing of where the material came from. Needless to say, we are going to be hearing that in full force during the coming months of the election campaign and the two parties’ conventions. He said, she said, they said, you said, I said…but with such a high volume of noise coming from everyone who’s saying, what is actually being heard?

So we might be experiencing a battle with words, a sparring over information and our gullibility in believing everything we hear and jumping to incorrect conclusions. Pay attention to what you are hearing, yes! But then, make sure you have the confirmation of it. The victor with the right words—carrying the message that others want to hear. Speak truthfully. In Gemini we always have two throwing the party, even when we are alone.  Look at both realities and take into consideration.

This – taken from the 2012 Venus Star Point blog regarding the last time the VSP occurred in Gemini: (follow this link to read the entire piece)
The mundane ruler of Gemini is Mercury, but the esoteric ruler of Gemini is Venus.  It is Mercury's job to deliver messages and ideas that come streaming in from the cosmos through the intellect and out to the world. But Venus channels that information through the heart, rather than the mind. Instead of just "facts only, please", the Venus Star Point in Gemini asks for heartfelt communication. Thus, the well-developed and thoughtful Gemini will use their gift with words in a heartfelt and loving way.
Did I mention that Gemini is the Twins? Did I mention that a Twins theme that’s so pervasive is that you see all of them (so you think) while they have just as strong of “another” operating in secret inside them. How much they reveal of their secret twin all depends upon many things – not to be discussed here, but certainly you can think of the Twins you all know or the Twins that you all are – and know how much and with whom you share the secret one with. And, if you happen to be born as a Gemini VSP, you could probably tell us: “now you see me, now you don’t”.


What does Venus do in the evening that she doesn’t do in the morning? (Make what you want of that statement). Since the ancients classified her as a love goddess in the evening and a warrior in the morning, the meaning seems apparent. Evening Star, you are receptive, acted upon; Morning Star, you are assertive, acting out.  

Since there is a five to six week period between the Star Point activation and her star to be seen, we can use that time to imagine, feel, invite and wait. Then, later this summer – watch out – she and Mars will be head to head (or bed to bed as those two usually prefer). That occurs in early September and is bound to ignite some sparks and get us moving, as the two energies confront one another in mutable Gemini (VSP) and Sagittarius (Mars).

This Gemini cycle will be thematically related to the twins’ motif: think of the sibling constellation and mythology of Castor & Pollux, the Dioscouri. They were the youthful, playful, sparring brothers – with a somewhat argumentative but entertaining style.  They were horseman — highly spirited, adventurous souls, curious, accomplished sportsmen and always stuck together. In Latin they were known as the Gemini or Castores. It was rare to find one without the other and although they inhabited two separate realms (the heavens and the underworld) the stories seem to portray them operating as one.

With this star point change we will find Venus leaving her morning, pre-dawn radiance where she exhibits a raw earthy and more masculine nature (the hunter/gatherer), now becoming a twilight star with a lighter, airy and more receptive countenance. Her actions during this past nine-month cycle from August 2015 to June 2016 was audacious and bold – framed by the Lion’s roar, proclaiming his Kingship while flexing his muscles. That was portrayed by the Sabian Symbol of the VSP degree whereby a bareback rider displayed its daring skill. This next one, from June 2016 to March 2017 has not to do with might and right like Leo, but has more to do with word play (Gemini). It’s Sabian Symbol is variously stated as this:
“A Woman Suffragist Haranguing” (Marc Edmond Jones)
“A Woman Activist in an Emotional Speech Dramatizing Her Cause” (Dane Rudhyar)
“A Woman Activist on a Platform, in an Emotional Speech, Dramatizing Her Cause” (Lynda Hill)
It doesn’t take too much imagination to realize how accurately these symbols have played out, at least in the election cycle. Think of the “woman activist” as both Sanders and Clinton and the bareback circus rider before that from all three major competitors, but more fully visible through Trump. It’s the speeches, the words, the way with words, the passion that is stirred up in the masses by the words that are being spoken. Will we be witnessing some massive feminine activism, quite emotional and dramatic in the coming months making her case? Already seems like a foregone conclusion, but also quite tied into the current star point degrees of the celestial sphere, reminding us again of the “as above, so below” correlation that is so prevalent in astrology.
The Venus Star of our Era occurs in this pattern:
Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio, Leo. See graphic below.
Leo MS – August 15, 2015
Gemini ES – June 6, 2016
Aries MS – March 25, 2017
Capricorn ES – January 9, 2018
Scorpio MS – October 26, 2018

And don’t forget to connect to and acknowledge your sisters and brothers.  Like Castor & Pollux and some of the other twins from mythology, this sibling constellation of Gemini, hosting the coming VSP, possesses a life-long burn to get to know its other side.
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