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December 2014                                         Issue #27
Stars & Planets 2014-15
In this issue:
Uranus and Pluto square off again
Saturn enters Sagittarius
Venus emerges as an Evening Star
Venus in the chart and life of Bill Cosby

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Feature Article: Stars and Planets 2014-2015

First things first: URANUS square PLUTO (2012-2015)
As I write this, we are heading into the 6th Drumbeat of 7 - Uranus/Pluto squares - that began in 2012 and terminate in 2015. The original vision for these 7 drumbeats was to occupy some prime piece of Mother Earth and beat the drum for positive and progressive change for the world. It was also to synchronize our drumbeats to honor the relatively rare planetary cycles we are experiencing right now. So, if on December 14, 2014 and March 15, 2015, you find yourself on a patch of earth that has a clear view to the sky (mountain, ocean, open plain) bless the birth pains of this current cyclical square of these two planets that force the evolution of our lives in both intensely personal ways and ways that move issues forward for the entire planetary species of humankind. Beat the drum, light a candle, say a prayer, set an intention. Whatever it is you put forth, watch how it develops and grows through the coming decade.

Rewind to URANUS conjunct PLUTO (1963-1968)
Some might say this period of drumbeats has been quite chaotic. Harkening back to the opening cycle of these two planets in the mid-1960s, perhaps no word fits better than chaos. When these two forces are aligned, they indicate powerful movements involving two principles: suppression (Pluto) and liberation (Uranus). Think of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, led by Martin Luther King Jr. We are seeing the reverberations of that movement now, witnessed most recently by the events in Ferguson, MO, Staten Island, NY and other numerous locations, where a predominantly black American population is fighting for some basic civil rights. As we prepare for the 6th pass of Uranus square Pluto, it is not surprising to witness these eruptions from masses of people expressing their collective frustration in acts of both violent and non-violent protests around the globe. The sounds of the masses become difficult, if not impossible, to suppress during Uranus/Pluto periods.

What I am also witnessing at this time is how people are making choices and changes in their personal lives that harmonize with the planetary conditions of this moment. This time calls for the separation from an important life situation that is too stagnant, outdated or intolerable to remain with the status quo. The forces that Uranus symbolizes cannot tolerate suppression - and when the underground force of Pluto has reached its maximum point of tension with Uranus, there is eruption in its wake.It's what lies in wait after the eruption - the precious metal that has emerged from deep below the surface like the talisman that shines its guiding essence in the noonday sun and allows us to experience a cathartic healing and rebirth in the aftermath of such intense interaction. Because Uranus is the point at which the action or surprise event manifests, it is worth looking at the Sabian symbols for these next two drumbeats. The December 2014 Uranus is "An unexploded bomb". The key to this is to bring awareness to the fact that there is a bomb down here, but not to explode it. Make it a warning, not a war. 
The March 2015 Uranus is "Brownies dancing in the setting sun." This image conveys a feeling of something to celebrate. "Brownies" can refer to the people, situations or feelings that had been previously suppressed or ignored. If they're dancing in the setting sun, they are celebrating some sort of victory of having given their voice to something important, or dancing in unity to the passing of something or someone important, whose life is celebrated and honored, expressed beautifully through the harmony of music.

As many have said, we are living in interesting and unusual times,  It is these times that produce situations that cannot be resolved by conventional methods. The old paradigm is crumbling, dying. Something  new must emerge. These times were made for that.

Join us for the final set of drumbeats and a presentation about this 4-year Uranus/Pluto square on March 15, 2015 in Ojai, California for the farewell of the Uranus/Pluto merger, one which we will not experience again until 2026-28 when they will grace us in a softer and gentler way with a trine from air signs (Gemini/Aquarius).

email for exact location and time and for any of the events posted above.

SATURN enters SAGITTARIUS: December 23, 2014
In my 40 year relationship with astrology, I have participated in dozens of ceremonies honoring celestial phenomena. Ceremonies that honored the solstices, the equinoxes, the eclipses of both Sun and Moon, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the the Venus Transit of 2012, the ingress of Jupiter into various signs and the drumbeats of Uranus & Pluto. But only once have I ever participated in a ceremony to Saturn. That was 29 years ago (November 1985) when Saturn left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius. The wheel has turned and though I've acquired a lot more of Saturn's gifts since then (wrinkles, gray hair and joint and bone issues - oh and some wisdom along the way) here we are again - Saturn enters Sagittarius before we say good-bye to 2014. In fact, on December 23rd when many people around the world are singing hymns and mantras and lighting candles for various religious ceremonies, Saturn will slowly slip into Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer. It will occur just after sunset GMT, so as we go through our day, we might well notice a lifting of our spirits with the light of Sagittarius fire permeating from within. From December 2014 to June 2015, Saturn aligns with the sign of the visionary, the traveler, the light-bearer. Then, for a brief time in 2015 (mid-June through mid-September), Saturn will go back into Scorpio for one more pass through the depths of water before it returns to the fire of Sag for a good two years. All of this is to say, if you want to add one more ceremony to those already piling up around the holidays, give a nod to Saturn, accompanying him into the luminous light of Sagittarius. He can always use our support and love!

VENUS as an EVENING STAR: (October 25, 2014 - August 14, 2015)
Start watching the western sky for the appearance of Venus just after sunset in the early weeks of December, though she won't be far enough away from the Sun to truly admire her brilliance until later in the month. Venus dazzles us as an Evening Star and is said to favor lovers in that position. Old loves may resurface during this cycle of Venus as an Evening Star in Scorpio. The news for relationships is that they are not the same any longer. Someone has passed on, left the planet or just left your life. In some cases, old relationships return, but on a better note than previously. This is the cycle to confront what previously existed, for purposes of clarity, understanding and most of all the ability to trust what is being said. Once we get to the Leo Star of August 2015, we will be feeling lighter, possibly more hopeful about new life and love. 

Venus in the chart and life of Bill Cosby
I've mentioned this in previous talks and articles about the Scorpio VSP. It seems to dredge up scandalous stories that have been kept underground for months, years and even decades. A case in point right now is actor and comedian Bill Cosby. Shortly after the VSP entered Scorpio in late October, allegations surfaced regarding events from decades ago from the ghosts of his past, regarding: inappropriate sexual activities. In looking at the situation, one might wonder: is it Pluto? Is it Saturn? Uranus? Actually, in looking at his chart, what is revealed is that it's none other than NEPTUNE! Seductive and alluring, Neptune is a fantasy-fulfilling planet but often keeps motives undercover and even deceitful. And, drugs and alcohol often accompany Neptune stories, where victims report being drugged. More often than not, a Neptune transit is a slow unraveling process that reveals what the deceit was. Presently, Neptune at 4 Pisces is precisely square his natal Venus at 4 Gemini, opposing Black Moon in early Sagittarius. That natal Venus/Black Moon opposition is almost a written guarantee that there will be some sexual skeletons in Mr. Cosby's closet. Add to this the fact that transiting Black Moon has opposed Neptune's present position at 4 Pisces and created a 4-point mutable cross out of the situation, from 4 Virgo. There's very little likelihood that he can escape unscathed from this. Expect more of this story to unfold as we move through 2015 when Saturn squares Neptune on those hot degrees and gets its final say. Saturn's retrograde degree is 4 Sagittarius - hammering Cosby's Venus/Black Moon configuration three times in the coming nine months.

Of course, every individual will experience these changing planetary cycles in different ways according to their own particular charts. To learn how you are being affected by the 2015 line-up, consider having your chart looked at for the coming year. Email: to schedule a January appointment. As of this writing, almost every December appointment slot has been filled.

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