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Looking Ahead: The Seven Beats of the Drums of Change...
Drumbeat Number 3 is heading our way....

We first wrote about the Seven Drumbeats of Change in Venus Star Point Issue #13 last June, just before the June Transit of Venus. For more information, check out that issue.

The dates of the seven squares of Uranus/Pluto are as follows:
             Date                   Uranus          Pluto
            Jun 24 2012                 08°Ar24' D        08°Cp24' R
            Sep 18 2012                06°Ar57' R        06°Cp57' D
            May 20 2013                11°Ar14' D        11°Cp14' R
            Nov 1 2013                  09°Ar26' R        09°Cp26' D
            Apr 21 2014                 13°Ar34' D        13°Cp34' R
            Dec 14 2014                12°Ar35' R        12°Cp35' D
            Mar 16 2015                15°Ar18' D        15°Cp18' D

The drumbeats of change focus on the rare set of Uranus-Pluto squares that are transiting during this second decade of the 21st century, giving a unique and resounding exclamation point to the nature of the times. With the sign Aries in high focus for 2013 (that's where the last Venus Star Point occurred - right on the spot Uranus was occupying) expect it to be dynamic, wild, explosive, out of left field, pioneering, adventuresome and risk-taking. This cycle lasts until January 2014 when the next Venus Star Point transits over Capricorn, a sign that expresses itself through order, rather than chaos. But for now, expect a little chaos. We've had a Pope resigning and a new one instated. We have a trigger-happy ruler in N. Korea who wants to show how many guns he has. We have a gun lobby in our country that refuses to control their guns. We've had the Boston bomber, the explosions in Texas and rocket fire in the Middle East. The Aries emphasis on this current square is nothing, if not dramatic.

There has been a trend for many of us to quell the energies through ceremony and celebration. One of the best things to do on May 20th is to light a candle in the quiet of your own home - or even better - gather with a group and light some candles. There are drumming ceremonies taking place all over the globe to help guide the energies of the time in a constructive, peaceful and loving way. Check Facebook pages for Venus Star Rising and Arielle Guttman for a list of ceremonies that will take place. Perhaps one is in your area. Or, perhaps you'd like to organize one, no group is too small, to be in sync with the current dynamics. 

I will be in Greece where I will celebrate Drumbeat #3 in a village called Galaxidi, not far from the ancient oracular shrine of Delphi. Galaxidi has been my Greek home-base since 1993, so this will be 20 years of celebration there for me personally. With Greece going through all its turmoil of late, and perhaps even during this next drumbeat - a ceremony is in order. But if you can't make the Greek ceremony, there are a few that will take place in New Mexico - Santa Fe and Ojo Caliente. There is also one in Ojai, California. Check the Facebook page and let us know where you would like to hold yours and it will be listed.

The exact time of the square on May 20th is:
3:21 pm Pacific Time
4:21 pm Mountain Time
5:21 pm Central Time
6:21 pm Eastern Time
For western Europe it is May 20th at 10:21 pm UT, 11:21 pm CET and 12:21 am EET on May 21st. 

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