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Issue #13 - June 2012

The First Drumbeat of Change is happening now!
Uranus squares Pluto seven times over the next four years, from 2012-2015. We are calling this: "Seven Beats - The Drums of Change" to be in sync with the transitional period of the times. The way it came down was this: Standing on a mountain top (or hillside or beach or sacred precinct) in a gathering of friends with a large drum and rattles, we beat the drum slowly to call forth the best possible energies for these changing times. It felt like this vision for world change was sent forth by ancestral voices and would be a good way to honor this special time of Uranus and Pluto.

The first of these Uranus Pluto squares occurs June 24, 2012 at 4:47 am MDT (subtract 1 hr for PDT, add 1 hr for CDT, add 2 hrs for EDT, etc.) Uranus and Pluto, at this time, will be staging Act II of their performance called "Wake Up, Speak Up and Take Action" which began as Act I in the 1960s. There were three exact alignments of Uranus and Pluto during the 1960s in 1965 and 1966, the effects of which lasted for at least five years beyond the conjunction. The energy of these two planets gave power to the people and resulted in a huge awakening and an elevation of consciousness that is akin to shining a bright light in a sea of darkness.  In Act II of this revolution – the seven squares will invoke intelligent and heart-felt  responses to the call for the next round of planetary change in an inventive and loving way.
An opening square has an astrological signature. The Sabian Symbol signature for 90° is: “On a ship, the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.” We’re all sailing on a ship called planet Earth through the Cosmic Sea. We, the people of planet Earth, are lowering an old flag and raising a new one. Loyalty to the institutions we once thought were protecting us -- religious, financial and political -- are being seriously questioned. Because this set of squares affects the signs of Capricorn and Aries, its trajectory seems poised to call forth new leadership in our communities and in the national and global picture who will steer us away from running headlong into the iceberg. What this square calls forth is innovation and imagination applied to technology that provides solutions for the challenges we now face. But let’s not wait for someone else to make the move. This time invites us all to do our part in whatever way possible. Though the vision was shown as a series of drumbeats, and I do recommend ceremony - if that is not your thing, don't let it stop you from aligning with the forces of change that are presently upon us and helping to steer the ship on a course that brings more love into the world.
Transiting Uranus Square Transiting Pluto
To quote the Solar Fire astrological report: “This is an intense time when your emotional attachments will be challenged at a deep level. This can be traumatic and leave you feeling quite vulnerable. You may be fearful of losing all that you have built up in life. Therefore it is a good time for entering therapy, or taking any action which will help you gain insight into the deeper levels of yourself and your life.”
I would add to that: the best therapy right now is a heart massage. Yes, that’s right – forget about the past – it doesn’t exist. Forget about the future – it hasn’t been created. Stay present to each moment and lead from the heart. That’s what the current Venus Transit is all about. The intellect is wonderful when we are learning new information (like how to become as smart as our phones) but it is dangerous to make it our ruler. We might be tempted to be influenced by what the media is telling us and what our politicians are doing or not doing. We still have a choice as to how to respond to that news: become more frightened and fearful or challenge ourselves to take a different path, by keeping ourselves uplifted by the beauty and magic we are being shown each day and how we can inspire and be inspired by those around us in every moment.  
The square of Uranus and Pluto lasts four years, occurring seven times. Does this mean our emotional attachments will be challenged at a deep level for this entire period? There’s a pretty good chance that we will all be tempted to go there, especially since these changes affect the world at large, including the chart of the United States, the chart of the Dow Jones, the chart of the European Union and all those institutions and governments over which we have little control. Everything about our world is being re-arranged. Some people will love the new arrangement, others will be feeling lost, confused, more disenfranchised and even lose the will to live. But there’s a way out of these feelings. Marcus Aurelius is quoted as saying: “The universe is change; life is your perception of it.” Look not at what we believe we are losing or letting go of during this time, but what we are gaining in its place.

The truth about these times is they are highly unpredictible. Looking back at the 1960s when these planets made their first impactful statement in our times, we couldn't have possibly known what was to unfold. Similarly, these next four years hold the possibility of fear or hope, but there is a magical quality to it all. Magic in a tangible way. 
Here is the chart for the first Drum Beat!

The chart is positioned on the universal wheel of 0 Aries. Notice how much energy is located in the Third House of Gemini - involving communications. The North Node in Sagittarius expands our knowledge and opens us up to explore possibilities we've never even dreamed of before. The South Node in Gemini sits with Jupiter, Venus, and Ceres, giving us ample opportunity to keep widening the horizons and achieving our goals through the ever expanding channels of communication and education. Uranus in Aries looks to its ruler Mars in the last degrees of Virgo--the re-arrangement of vital aspects of life that include health-care and service industries. Pluto in Capricorn looks to its ruler Saturn in Libra. The success of this square rests on our ability to get along with one another in order to advance to the next position on the game board.
Looking Ahead: The Seven Beats of the Drums of Change
The seven squares of Uranus/Pluto are as follows:
             Date                   Uranus          Pluto
            Jun 24 2012                 08°Ar24' D        08°Cp24' R
            Sep 18 2012                06°Ar57' R        06°Cp57' D
            May 20 2013                11°Ar14' D        11°Cp14' R
            Nov 1 2013                  09°Ar26' R        09°Cp26' D
            Apr 21 2014                 13°Ar34' D        13°Cp34' R
            Dec 14 2014                12°Ar35' R        12°Cp35' D
            Mar 16 2015                15°Ar18' D        15°Cp18' D

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