Venus Star Point (TM) is a series of articles and newsletters on the newly introduced Venus Star Point from Venus Star Rising by Arielle Guttman.

April 2016

Issue 32


The Goddess of Discord, The US Presidential Election and Washington DC

This was just published in the Mountain Astrologer's blog and on Facebook. But since many of you subscribers are not linked into those particular networks, I am sending it to you now. It is a fascinating look at what's going on in Washington using a technique in Astro-Mapping called Geodetics. Don't worry if you cannot understand the technical information contained herein. The important part is what it signifies. 

Upcoming programs in southern California - hope to see you there! 
Friday April 8 - 7:30 pm - San Diego Astrological Society
"Using The Venus Star Point in Life Coaching & Career Counseling"

Tuesday, April 19 - 7-9 pm - Ojai, California: Astrology & Puja
with Arielle Guttman and Tony Khalife
"Finding Your Inner Drumbeat During Mars Retrograde"

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