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February 2016           Issue 31

Happy Valentines from Venus! We are offering specials for the month of February, from now (Feb 14) all the way to Spring Equinox (March 19). Now is the time to review your upcoming year to get a jump start on spring and plant the appropriate seeds to manifest in your fall harvest of life! 

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These special prices are offered until March 19, 2016.

It's February. The Groundhog has spoken, spring will arrive early. Setting the tone is the Chinese New Year of the Monkey, just begun. To me, monkeys represent playfulness, agility, intelligence and feeling. They are great communicators, always letting you know how they are feeling. Combine these qualities and flow with the times which are still quite mutable. The sands are shifting, the walls are coming down, apropos for the continuing Saturn/Neptune square. Interesting that squares are an "L" shaped pattern, now confirmed to sync with gravity! 

As we continue into 2016 the predominant elements are:
FIRE: Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, VSP in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius 
EARTH: Jupiter in Virgo, Rahu in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn
WATER: Netpune in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces, Ketu in Pisces
AIR: Void now of the larger planetary cycles until June: Gemini VSP, September: Jupiter in Libra
MUTABLE is still the prevailing modality, see Issue 30 of this newsletter for more about that.

Let's begin with fire. There is ample energy to get things done, no question.
Amidst all the mutable energy, Saturn's job now is to help us stay focused in Sagittarius, aiming its arrow to new heights and actually breaking through the walls that are normally in place. This gives us the ability to stretch beyond the apparent limits. Combined with Neptune's energy to help dissolve them, we can now get going. When Neptune's new vision arrives, use Saturn's muscle to help make it concrete. 

Uranus in Aries: What to say about this, my friends? The revolution is still upon us, and still very much facing off with Pluto in Capricorn (another "L" shaped pattern). Is there any question that a political and social revolution has been going on now for a bit? The next step is the economic revolution. Plant the seeds with Uranus in Aries, set the vision, cast the net. By Uranus in Taurus, the garden could be planting and blooming.
VSP in Leo: Since August 2015
The Venus Star Point brings the lions out of their cages to roar, proclaiming themselves "Queens and Kings of the Jungle". No doubt this is a time to express yourself in dramatic ways. That doesn't mean become a drama queen. It simply means express it in an artful and colorful way, befitting Venus in her host sign.
Mars in Sagittarius:
It's a long run for this one, as we creep later into the year.  Lasting through March, April and May and then again during August and September, we are discovering how our capacity for inflamed verbiage could be the shot that's heard 'round the world.  Also the engine that gets us to new worlds. 

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