Venus Star Point (TM) is a series of articles and newsletters on the newly introduced Venus Star Point from Venus Star Rising by Arielle Guttman.
June 2014                       Issue #22

Venus Rises Again!

Great News for readers of Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century.

The e-book version is now available.
The Venus Star Point: Getting Straight to the Heart of Your Life with Venus 

Download it to your Kindle or your Kindle app for the Mac, the iPad or the iPhone (available in Amazon Kindle Store, $9.99). The Barnes & Noble version (Nook) and the iPhone version (from iTunes) will be available very soon. 

Abridged from the original book, this e-book contains all the necessary VSP listings and interpretations, simply stated and easy to reference each VSP sign and sign combinations, without the charts, graphs, tables and background explanatory material that was contained in Venus Star Rising. 

This book, nearly a year in the making, contains much of the original interpretive material in Venus Star Rising, with updated celebrity examples included. Also updated is some recent world events and personalities to correlate with their VSP signs. 

Based on the ground-breaking book from 2011 (Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century) this e-book The Venus Star Point: Getting Straight to the Heart of Your Life with Venus provides readers with a simple, easy to use tool called The Venus Star Point® which identifies personal talents, one’s unique creative expression and answers some essential questions about how we are connected to our most special relationships. Find out why Venus is the planet that delivers our deepest longings and how the Venus Star is the manner in which we access and use the power of Venus in our lives. 

Normally I would be announcing a book signing with the launch of a new book. But in e-books, there is nothing to sign! However, there will be a series of monthly programs on the Venus Star and the Venus Star Point, beginning on July 19, in Santa Fe. Check out the schedule at: Bring your tablets or phones with your Kindle or iTunes or Nook edition of the Venus Star Point e-book and I will show you how to quickly access all the information you need to begin using the VSPs everywhere you go. 

Also, a weekend of Venus experiences the weekend of October 10-13, 2014 with four Venus Star practitioners in Sag Harbor, NY. Another event you won't want to miss! Check it out on the Events Listing at

Venus Star Point and The View
Newsmakers of the day are always a fascinating subject for Venus Star Point research. Earlier this year (January 2014, Issue #20) we spoke about the VSP in Capricorn for most of 2014, empowering and spotlighting women. Several of them have continually made the news recently. And if you haven't seen the fascinating "view" by Quan Tracy Cherry, a VSP practitioner, on the VSPs of the ladies of The View and the exit of Barbara Walters from that show, check it out. It's an excellent commentary on a show that features an all-female cast (five of them like the five points of the Venus Star!) and how the Star Points of each of the members either blend or clash. Read the article at:

Hillary: Will She or Won't She?
In late October the Venus Star Point will shift gears. Changing from a Capricorn Morning Star to a Scorpio Evening Star, just at the time of the Solar Eclipse and a stationary direct Mercury, all piled up in early Scorpio, we are bound to see the tide turning in a new direction. These potent and direct cosmic events target the early degrees of Scorpio, conjunct the Sun of Hillary Clinton. The question of Hillary: will she or won't she (????) should be pretty crystal clear by then. 

Upcoming Programs of the Venus Star 
Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 3 to 5:30 pm in Santa Fe, NM - $20 at Blessings in the DeVargas Center
Bring your tablets and devices (or not) to this program where we will engage in a hands-on, experiential discussion of our Venus Star Points and how we can maximize this energy for life enhancement. This is the first of five once-per-month programs on the Venus Star and how it's operating in the world and in our lives. Future program dates TBA.

October 10-13, 2014 in Sag Harbor, NY - $200 - early registration discount before September 10th; $250 after September 10th. Join four Venus Star practitioners in an immersion weekend of Venus dialogues, interaction, experiences and gain deep personal insight into how to be in sync with Venus. Included in this special weekend is a welcome banquet dinner on Friday night. Space is limited, register early. email: 

Ongoing: If you are unable to attend the programs in person, consider studying or learning about the Venus Star at home. An introductory program on the Venus Star Point, given in San Francisco in April is available in both mp3 format and CD set from Sun Recording Services:

If you wish to proceed further in your studies, check out the comprehensive Venus Star Point Professional Training Program, available in mp3 download and pdf visual aids:

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