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October 2014                                           Issue #25

In this issue:
Mercury Retrograde Cycle, Fall 2014
Grand Trine in Fire, October 2014
Venus Star Point changes October 2014

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Mercury Retrograde - October 4-25, 2014
Anyone with planets in early degrees of Scorpio will be feeling the vibrations of several planetary events this month. Mercury in its retrograde station for the last days of September and the first days of October punctuate the point of 2-3 Scorpio, the Venus Star Point later this month (see below) changes to 1-2 Scorpio, and the Solar Eclipse on the 23rd falls at 0-1 Scorpio. What can we expect?
For Mercury, things that had been progressing forward may suddenly come to a halt. Mercury is the messenger and considered the ruling principle of travel, commerce, trade and transportation. Any communication devices, transportation vehicles, trade agreements and contracts may all be up for re-negotiation now, or at the very least careful scrutiny. You may be experiencing a situation where you took people at their word and find that they are not able to live up to that commitment. The Scorpio/Libra cusp is the area most affected now.
The retrograde degree in Scorpio 3 portrays a house raising party. Look to the community for support, use teamwork in solving problems at home or work and accept help when it is offered.
Scorpio is a sign of power in shared resources - when you are able to get others to contribute or commit, there's a great deal more power available. Scorpio is also the sign of hidden agendas, especially regarding other people's resources. Check to see if what was promised or committed is actually forthcoming. Breach of security around credit cards, identity theft and manipulation with other people's funds is the worst-case scenario. Stay protected. (A few days after writing this piece I opened the news page and found that Chase customers, approximately 76 million of them, have had their personal information compromised). This seems to be a more frequently occurring sign of the times, with the last degrees of Scorpio heavily hit right now from all directions.
The majority of the retrograde goes back to the last half of Libra. What was proposed or initiated between September 14-September 28 will likely emerge for review, re-evaluation and fine tuning during these coming weeks.
Especially important when Mercury is retrograde is that there is a shift from the dominant right hemisphere of the brain to the less dominant left hemisphere. Now is the time we call on that lesser used left hemisphere to solve problems and communicate with intuition, images, dreams and creative endeavors. Put the brain and machinery on pause and slow down. If you do, you'll find yourself in right alignment with Mercury.
But too often we as astrologers only give credence to the left brain and forget that Mercury also rules Virgo. As its normal retrograde pattern is three times a year for 21 days each, I find that the body, as well as the mind, is in need of a change. This 21 day period could ideally be a time for a cleanse, a diet or a change in physical activity. If you are sitting most of the day, get out and walk more. If you are overly active physically everyday, take a break and relax. Shift the pattern.

Grand Trine in Fire - September 25-October 8, 2014
Earlier this year, in the spring, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus met in a T-square as part of the cardinal cross involving Pluto. Now the three, sans Pluto, are joining together in a triangle of energy known as a grand trine. The meeting in the spring came through opposition and squares, a more confrontational pattern that has a sense of urgency about it. It also has a sense of need: I cannot do this alone, I need outside help or partnership or resources in order to make this happen. We are shaken from within, urged to spring into action. 
Now with Mas in Sagittarius (Jupiter's sign), Jupiter in Leo (Sun's sign) and Uranus in Aries (Mars' sign) we have a meeting of six types of energies, five of which find their home (or essential nature) in a fire sign. The sixth is Uranus, which is air. Air acts as a conductor of fire, spreading it in a way that can wind up going out of control if not careful. This is a highly inflammable, ego-inflatable energy which is bound to wreak havoc in some areas of life, and trines are mobilized from a power within that makes them totally self-sufficient.  Mars springs into action, Jupiter makes it important or larger than life and Uranus gives it that element of change or surprise. Mars and Jupiter further support the notion that what we are doing is guided by a higher principle and that we are entitled to our pursuit of whatever we are engaged in by divine intervention.  The 4th and 8th of October are dates when two of the exact trines occur, triggered by the Moon in Aquarius on the 4th and the Moon in Aries on the 8th.  

Venus Star Point changes - October 25, 2014
And finally we have Venus and her orbiting pentagram. It's time for another phase shift, and this time it's Venus Star Point entering into its Evening Star phase in the sign of Scorpio. The Evening Star was pegged as the lover by ancient astrologers as opposed to the warrior in its Morning Star phase, the one we are just slipping away from. 
Historically, the VSP punctuates the sign of Scorpio every four years in the eight year pentagram of Venus - once as a Morning Star and once as an Evening Star. The one we are presently entering will be the Evening Star phase to October 2010's Morning Star phase. Ideas and projects that were birthed around that time will see a promise or fruition of those events culminating during this coming phase. 
During the Venus Star's 100 year transit through Scorpio (1926-2026), it activates the sign a total of 25 times. There will only be two more Scorpio VSPs after the current 2014 one, letting us slowly phase out of Scorpio over the next 12 years. The issues that Scorpio brings up have to do with emotional and soul cleansing, a process that most of us do not enter into enthusiastically or willingly. In fact, most often we are forced into the phase of surrender, descent and despair leading ultimately to rebirth and reorientation. The millions of people on the planet who were born with the Scorpio VSP will likely be our guardians and guides through this process. As one Scorpio VSP said recently: "we go where others dare not go" adding "but we can handle it".

The question is: can the rest of us handle it? Maybe not as gracefully or as smoothly as the Scorpio VSP, but we are about to face this Scorpio VSP cycle with a sense of knowing that whatever it is we are leaving behind, much as it stings to let it go, is yesterday's news.  One of Scorpio's totems, the phoenix, insures us that life will begin anew once we cremate the remnants of what is needed to pass away.      
The degree of this next Scorpio VSP brings up the image of a broken bottle and spilled perfume. The essence of what we are letting go of still remains, the scent still lingers in the atmosphere. But like a child who must pass out of its childlike, innocent state and pass into a more mature emotional state, the fruits of this Evening Star Scorpio cycle will leave us with the aroma of something or someone truly worth remembering.  

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