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Issue # 12 -- May 2012

Venus Retrograde Cycle - 2012
Beginning May 15th and running through June 27th, Venus will be in retrograde.
Retrograde, the apparent reverse position of a planet from Earth's view, is a phenomenon we are just beginning to understand and use in a productive way. With each planet, the retrograde means something a little different. For instance, when Mercury, the messenger planet  is retrograde, people seem to "know" it intuitively, because that's usually when communication and transportation break-downs occur more frequently.

When Venus turns retrograde, we take a closer look at and may reverse our feelings on things that once were pleasing to us -- our core values. Since the retrograde is occurring in Gemini, there is a relationship here with Mercury - how words and ideas are
transmitted and received. Mercury and Venus are somewhat married in Gemini. The mundane ruler of Gemini is Mercury, but the esoteric ruler of Gemini is Venus.  It is Mercury's job to deliver messages and ideas that come streaming in from the cosmos through the intellect and out to the world. But Venus channels that information through the heart, rather than the mind. Instead of just "facts only, please", the Venus Star Point in Gemini asks for heartfelt communication.   Watch for group dynamics to shift as one of the members reveals something game-changing. Feelings overpower thoughts at this time. People will not be able to keep the truth locked inside anymore about how they are really feeling, even if it costs them something they have been afraid to lose. But that's the core principle of Venus retrograde - being able to evaluate what is worth letting go of and what is worth keeping -- even if it's heart-wrenching. With a Uranus Pluto square wrapped in the middle of this Venus retrograde period, along with both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, the current period is far from static. The Winds of Change blow through Earth, possessing an erratic and powerful trajectory. 

Venus goes retrograde once every 1.6 years
A  mathematical value known as "phi", the 1.6 ratio is embedded in the orbit of Venus - exactly 1.6 years ago was the last Venus retrograde. Five of these over an eight year period construct one of Venus' beautiful pentagrams.  What we are observing now is that at a fixed position in the sky, Venus will begin to slow its speed, stop and reverse direction before she turns back around and picks up normal speed again. The reverse direction - or retrograde - happens for 44 days this time, although usually the period is closer to 40 days. There is a correlation between Venus' 40 day retrograde and many religious texts that use a 40 day period in their stories and practices. 

The Transit of Venus - June 5th-6th, 2012
What is the transit of Venus? In 2004 we witnessed the first transit of Venus. This is the second, the last one of our lifetime.  Akin to an eclipse, the solar disk will be partially in shadow, covered by a small black dot - Venus. The image below was taken by NASA during the 2004 Transit. This Venus retrograde is more important than most, as it is the Transit of Venus.  On June 5th and 6th (depending upon location), don't miss a rare opportunity to view this phenomenal event. Set yourself up in a place where viewing conditions are optimum. See for a map of the viewing locations and other pertinent information about this unique cosmic event. You may order eclipse viewing glasses by following this link:

In the previous issue of this newsletter, the dates and effects of past transits of Venus were detailed. In summary, Venus transits produce revolutions of one nature or another. The question was: what type of revolution are we NOT experiencing right now? With the current set of Venus transits occupying the sign of Gemini, a major game-changer of our times is the way information is received and transmitted. We still have a reliable old postal system in tact (which in itself is surprising, given the nature of these times and changes) but look at every other type of information exchange. Hand-held devices (Gemini gadgets) proliferate our world. The Smart Phones, right in the palm of our hands, offer us a portal to any and every kind of information ever recorded and lots of other stuff that we will never have any use for. Nearly 600 years ago, the Gutenberg Printing Press ushered in a European Renaissance that revolutionized the politics and economies of Europe and the world. Prometheus brought fire to enlighten mankind. But Kindle Fire and other brands of tablet-style reading are presently poised to challenge the printed word as a species in danger of extinction.  Every single person on the face of this Earth has a story - and in this era of the sign Gemini hosting the Venus Transits (2004-2012) an overwhelming percentage of us are writing and publishing them - something nearly impossible to accomplish a mere half-century ago.

Venus changes phases and signs
We've all been observing Venus as an Evening Star these last eight months, dazzling us as it lights up our western sky.  Soon it will disappear from the evening sky and show up as a Morning Star visible before sunrise. 

If you know the sensitive degrees of your own chart, check out the table below to see how Venus and her Star have been orbiting in your own personal world for these past eight years. Keep in mind that the Venus Star Points referred to in this way are usually NOT your natal Venus position, though in rare cases they can be. If you know the zodiac, draw a circle with the twelve signs and connect the dots between these degrees. A beautiful five pointed star appears. (see for the illustration). This is unique to Venus -- and though the other planets have their own beautiful patterns, none other than Venus creates this five-pointed star in its orbital cycle.  MS=Morning Star; ES=Evening Star:

Jun 8 2004 MS 17 Gemini 54'
Mar 30 2005 ES 10 Aries 31'
Jan 13 2006 MS 23 Capricorn 39'
Oct 27 2006 ES 04 Scorpio 11'
Aug 17 2007 MS 24 Leo 50'
Jun 8 2008 ES 18 Gemini 43'
Mar 27 2009 MS 07 Aries 15'
Jan 11 2010 ES 21 Capricorn 32'
Oct 28 2010 MS 05 Scorpio 30'
Aug 16 2011 ES 23 Leo 18'
Jun 5 2012 MS 15 Gemini 45'
Mar 28 2013 ES 08 Aries 10'
Jan 11 2014 MS 21 Capricorn 11'
Oct 25 2014 ES 01 Scorpio 49'

Other Planetary Activity accompanying the Venus Retrograde Cycle
There are some other very unusual planetary occurrences operating during the 2012 Venus retrograde cycle, including:
May 15        Venus turns retrograde
May 20        An Annular Solar Eclipse at 0 Gemini
June 4        A Partial Lunar Eclipse at 14 Sagittarius
June 5        The Venus Transit
June 20      The Summer Solstice
June 24      Uranus squares Pluto (1 of 7) -- or -- The First Drum Beat of Change
June 27      Venus turns direct
All of these dates point to dramatic occurrences in the sky which can be felt on Earth and are times are worthy of taking a ceremonial stance. Honor and pay respect to them as if they were a holiday. One practice that is helpful during amplified Venus periods such as this, is the Venus Mudra, as given on pages 346-347 of Venus Star Rising. A short video appears here to help guide you through it.

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