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That's Fati on the right on her way back from a capacity building trining.

We're springing into Spring and want to share with you the incredible success story of Fati Saaka and how she used the Just Shea Loan Program as springboard capital.

Fati Saaka lives in Tuunayili, one of the seven villages where members of the Just Shea Collective live. As a single mother with nine dependants she had been supporting the whole family with just $100 a year.

She joined the Just Shea Program and was able to take out a loan of $20 using the sheanuts she had stored in the collective warehouse as collateral. She used it to plant one acre of peanuts (groundnuts) and harvested an amazing $220 worth of them. That's a 1000% increase. Just incredible.

With the money she makes from selling them she can reinvest in more crops, send her four children to school, and can even give loans to people in her community who need them.

Help Support More Women Like Fati

Writing this I am awed by what she was able to accomplish. And we want to be able to keep sharing stories like this with you. It's because of your ongoing support that this is possible.

We aim to add another 200 women like Fati this year and if you can help us do that, please do!

Tipagaya ("We appreciate")

From all of us at Just Shea

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