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Our Mission

Databrary is a free, online data library that empowers researchers to store, manage, preserve, and share research videos with other scientists. We provide tools that facilitate data management, encourage open sharing, foster reuse, and accelerate discovery.
Dear Colleagues:

This newsletter describes some of the exciting developments — new features, new datasets, and new faces — in Databrary since our last report. This issue has important information for users new to video data sharing and for veteran Databrary users.

Whatever your level of experience or knowledge about data sharing, we welcome your feedback about the newsletter and about how the Databrary and Datavyu tools can make it easy and convenient for you to share your work with the research community. Drop us a line or pull us aside at a workshop or conference and let us know what you think. How can we help you discover more, faster?

Very best wishes,
Karen Adolph, Director
Rick Gilmore, Associate Director

Databrary is taking off!

Databrary is experiencing exponential growth. In January 2017, we welcomed our 501st Authorized Investigator, an increase of almost 300 users over the course of the year.
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Give credit where credit is due 

Reuse, publish, and spread the word

Databrary and Datavyu provide valuable tools for increasing transparency and reproducibility in the developmental sciences. But to succeed, we need the Databrary community to help us increase both our profile in published works and the size of our video collection. So, please…
…reference Databrary and Datavyu.
If you used Databrary to share, store, or manage your own research data, shared excerpts illustrating your procedure or findings, used Datavyu to code your data, or if you reused an existing Databrary volume, please give us credit in the Methods section of your paper, or in a footnote, or endnote.  You will also receive more credit from journal reviewers, readers, and funders. Feel free to use our suggested text, or to craft your own.
…credit the researcher.
Every volume is provided with a Databrary specific citation: please go to the volume page and use the citation listed under "How To Cite" to ensure that the contributor receives proper credit.

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Help us improve Databrary 

Beta testing opportunities
We are close to finalizing fixes for the following issues:
  • Video player in Databrary on Windows: We've added support to play videos on Windows machines without the QuickTime plug-in, but are still working on the audio portion.
  • Transcription in Datavyu on Mac: We've added support for transcription of video files directly within Datavyu.

But, we can use your help! If you’d like to be a beta-tester for either of these updates, please email and reference “Beta testing” in the subject line.
Contribute your data

Databrary supports reproducibility and transparency in developmental sciences. Be part of the open science movement!
  • Make Databrary a part of your project ahead of time: Obtain permission from your IRB and releases from your participants to share video data.
  • Store and manage your data on Databrary: Upload your video data files, procedural videos, coding manuals, and instruments. Databrary provides online storage and management of all your research files.
  • Link to Databrary: Include links to your videos and documentation in your publications, to enrich your submission and avoid page limitations. Remember to cite Databrary!
  • Share your data: Don't let data sit on a shelf, unused. Other researchers can mine the data to ask new questions, expand their sample, draw inspiration, and teach a new generation of scholars.
We want to hear from you! Complete our user survey
User surveys will be sent out in early February. We need to hear from you! Help us understand how your lab works so that we can improve our tools, service, and support. Tell us how you use Databrary and Datavyu, so that we can fix issues and add new features.

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News & events

Published articles

Databrary is actively involved in conversations about open data science through publications in the popular press and in scientific journals. Check out some recent publications:
Databrary is on the road!

Databrary is hosting workshops around the country to inform researchers about video sharing and reuse. Click the link to register to join Databrary at any of the following regional and conference workshops, and pre-conference events:
March 24, 2017

April 5, 2017

April 30, 2017

May 15, 2017 

May 28, 2017
ICPS conference workshop, Vienna, Austria

SRCD preconference workshop, Austin, TX

AERA conference workshop, San Antonio, TX

Emory University workshop, Atlanta, GA

APS convention workshop, Boston, MA
We will be hosting a booth at SRCD, as well as other conferences – stop by with your questions and suggestions!

If you would like us to hold a workshop at your university, please contact

To stay up to date on upcoming workshops, visit our news page. Watch videos from prior workshops on Databrary.

Meet the Databrary team

Databrary welcomes three new team members: Joy Lorenzo Kennedy as our Scientific Support Specialist, Carli Heiman as our Events Coordinator, and Max Levental, as our Backend Developer. Our team now includes:
Ahmad Arshad is our Managing Director, and guides day-to-day operations and implements the overall strategic vision for Databrary.

Gladys Chan is our UI/UX Designer, and designs and develops the front-end of what you see and use on the Databrary website.
Joy Kennedy is our Scientific Support Specialist, and works closely with researchers to understand their data management practices, and handles outreach and communication.
Maksim Levental is our Backend Developer, and is the technical operations lead who will implement new features and integrations.

Shohan Hasan is our Datavyu Support Specialist, and supports the Datavyu application and scripting, and performs QA on the application.

Carli Heiman is our Events Coordinator, and coordinates all of Databrary’s workshops and conference events. 
Andrea Seisler is our Authorizations Specialist, and facilitates the process for institutions, PIs, and affiliates to become authorized to use Databrary, and answers any policy-related questions from authorized users.
Kasey Soska is our Research Support Specialist, and helps with regional workshops, and works with researchers to understand their workflows and how to integrate Databrary into them.
Databrary Advisory Board

A warm welcome to our new board members, and our gratitude to both current and previous board members for their service.

The current Databrary Advisory Board consists of: David Ackerman, Martha Alibali, Howard Besser, Mercè Crosas, Sayeed Choudhury, Michael Frank, C. Lee Giles, Leslie Greengard, Todd Gureckis, Vasant Hanovar, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Paul Horn, Carl Kesselman, Yann LeCun, Margaret C. Levenstein, Felice Levine, Brian MacWhinney, Carol Mandel, Daniel Messinger, Nora Newcombe, Brian Nosek, Lisa Oakes, Roy Pea, Jan Plass, Russell Poldrack, Nilam Ram, James M. Rehg, Barbara Schneider, Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Peter Vishton, Anne Warlaumont, Tal Yarkoni, and Chen Yu.

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Volume spotlight

Affordances of Clay at the Clay Topos, Tetsushi Nonaka

The “Clay Topos” is a playroom in a nursery school (Takahashi Chuo Hoikuen, Japan) where children can be surrounded by and play with up to 0.8 tons of high-quality soil clay used by artists. In this collection of videos, a group of children played freely in the Clay Topos, where the structure of spontaneous activity of children and the nature of the forces that cause structuring of activities can be observed. Dr. Nonaka presented his work from these data at the 17th International Conference on Perception and Action.

View the volume on Databrary, Affordances of Clay at the Clay Topos, for inspiration and to ask new research questions. Children's motor behavior, language (Japanese), perceptual exploration, and social interactions are on display.

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Not authorized yet?

Getting authorized is the first step to accessing great resources on Databrary.  

Authorized Investigators on Databrary, and their Affiliates, can:
  • Browse and reuse shared datasets 
  • Use Databrary as a back-up server and video data manager
  • Access videos and images for teaching, learning, and research
  • Collaborate with colleagues easily and securely

Learn how to get authorized on Databrary!

Every school is different, and the authorization process may take some time. We're eager to work with you and your institution to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. With our support, 289 institutions have authorized researchers for Databrary. We're confident that we can provide the support you need to get authorized. 

If you have questions about how to get started or about the status of your authorization, contact us.

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Need help? Have questions? Contact us

We are continually updating our User GuideCheck it out for more important information about using Databrary to store, manage, and share your data. 

Of course, we're happy to answer your questions about authorization, obtaining permission for data sharing, and using Databrary to manage and organize your data.  

e're eager to hear your comments and receive your feedback.

Email us:
Call us: 212-998-5800

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