The Living Raw By Grace:

Detox Program

Would you like to:

Lose weight,
Clear up poor skin,
Detoxify your body,
Increase your energy,
Regulate your digestive system,
Decrease your current medication usage
And get a jump start toward a healthier you?

We all have different ways to show how toxic our bodies have become.  What better way to get all the junk out of our bodies - but through a detoxification program?  We breathe toxins in our air, we drink toxins in our water, we ingest toxins through our food, we absorb toxins through our skin with the products we use - our bodies have been designed perfectly to battle these toxins, yet they can overwhelm us and can become less and less efficient at detoxifying.  Would you like an opportunity to give our bodies a break and speed up the process?
Join the Living Raw By Grace 7-Day Detox Program:

Green Smoothie FEAST!

We will be enjoying ONLY Green Smoothies for seven days! In this program you receive:

  • The Detox Program GROCERY LIST for the week – no worries over what to buy, all you do is read off the list! (Value $20!)
  • The Detox Program MEAL PLAN for the week  - 21 Green Smoothie Recipes that correspond with your grocery list – which smoothies to make and when…a very simple plan to follow to make sure you are getting the nutrition you need while keeping it easy and inexpensive . (Value $50!)
  • A PERSONAL COACH!  I will contact you twice a day and answer questions, make adjustments, support, encourage you, talk through any issues, and pray with you.  (Value $280!)
  • The Digital Living Raw By Grace Green Smoothie Mini UnCookBook! 30 Green Smoothie Recipes ranging from beginner to advanced that all take under five minutes to make. (Value $10!)
The Living Raw By Grace Green Smoothie FEAST 
will take place November 5-11. 

Like everything else that Living Raw By Grace offers, this program is more than HALF the price of any other detox program in the Valley or even held online.  If I were to guide you at any other time this program would cost $200, but I’m offering it at only $50 a person, and that includes my newest book! Registration will close September 2nd, so sign up today!

No matter where you live in the country, you can join us! So far, I have guided 175 people detox around the country in Arizona, Texas, Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, and more! It is also INTERNATIONAL with people from Canada, London, The United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, and the list continues to grow.

But wait, there’s more!
If you live in the Phoenix Area, there are more options!

  • A Personal Shopping Class, on OCTOBER 14th you get to shop with me to get the best prices in the Valley and learn all about your produce – ripeness, variety, how to store, and spend half of what you would on your own. (Value $40!)
  • An invitation to the Green Smoothie Feast Detoxers Graduation Potluck!  On OCTOBER 22nd we will all get together for a potluck and everyone will bring a raw vegan dish. We will need to remain mostly raw when we start introducing food back into our diets and what better way than to do it together, enjoy and support each other’s journeys, and celebrate the amazing gift we have given our bodies! Haley will provide some information, guidance, recipes, and tell her amazing story. (Value $10)
    Get the Extended Program for only $25 more! That’s half the price of what I would charge otherwise!

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